Moving the damn wardrobe.

Winter, for me,  is like a huge, solid wood wardrobe has been strategically placed at the front door with its doors open ready to encapsulate all my positive vibes and energy before they have a chance to circulate the house spreading their magic.  What I’m trying to say is but I’m not good with metaphors is… I’m a summer baby, when winter makes an appearance my Feng Shui gets F’d up.

Over the last couple of months I’ve had so many things I wanted to write about on here but just didn’t.  So many runs I almost went on but didn’t.  So many fitness classes I’ve cancelled. So many things I’ve been invited to but didn’t go.  So much work to do but haven’t.  I have a serious case af CBA*.  I’m in hibernation mode, patiently waiting for the sun to come back.

I’m a bit of a scatterbrain at the best of times but I’ve been much worse recently.  Forgetting work deadlines, appointments, losing things.  For example, I stayed at my sisters to help with the twins one night last week and in the morning I couldn’t find my car key ANYWHERE I had parked behind Cheryl in the driveway so she had to drive over her front lawn to get out and drop me off at work, let’s just say she was NOT amused (sorry Sis).   I found my keys in my handbag later that day.

Last Sunday,  I had a duvet day, I sat in PJs all day watching Power on Netflix (totally late to that party and now totally hooked) eating crap.  My Facebook memory that day, was from last year when I had ran a 10 miler with my then new running buddies.  I felt a tremendous amount of guilt, sitting in my pyjamas eating Nutella on toast and left over pizza looking at a picture of me in my running gear.  Just the kick up the butt I needed.  Last winter I didn’t hibernate, I was working on a fitness goal (marathon training) infact I don’t think I even caught a cold last winter!

So now, I know the answer, I know how to shift that energy zapping wardrobe and it’s simple really.  Excercise.

When I excercise it has a domino effect on everything, I eat better, I feel better, I sleep better,  I become more productive, more organised, more creative, more confident, less stressed and generally it just puts me in a much better mood.

No duvet days or Power binge watching this Sunday, it’s 9AM and I’m just back from a run, I’ve found my mojo! I’ve got a load of washing on and I’ve wrote this really random post.  Apologies if it’s all over the place I’m high on endorphins.  Gotta love those endorphins.

*Can’t Be Arsed

Do seasonal changes affect you? 

Thanks for reading 😊

Have a great day ❤️

Angela xo

20 thoughts on “Moving the damn wardrobe.”

  1. Hehe I have never heard the expression “duvet day” before and I think I love it. I had one last Sunday as well. Regretted it, but it happened all the same. This Sunday it will not happen! I’m up and makeuped and dressed and will be on my way shortly. I hope you have a super productive day!

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  2. Girl, I hear you! Being active and Happy is so much harder in the winter, all I want to do is coze up! Glad you found your mojo and got out for a run today. I def suffer more from depression in the winter and I feel like exercise plays a huge part in lifting me out of that—but it requires a lot of pushing myself to do things when it’s dark and cold and I don’t want to! Always worth it though in the end, I try to remember that! Have a great week girl! x

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  3. The seasonal changes definitely affects me. I have been super unmotivated to run these days. It gets too dark too quickly and then I don’t want to run. Haha. It’s really bad since I have a marathon in Jan. Eek! Props to you for getting out there today!

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  4. What’s Power?? I have been feeling in a funk. I don’t know if it’s the weather, the darkness, the cold, or just time for a mood dip… Either way, the past few weeks have been A Struggle. I definitely feel like I need to take more Mental Health Days during the Winter. Well done on overcoming it today!

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    1. I’ve been pretty bad the last few weeks too, I’ve had a lot going on personally so that probably hasn’t helped but I definitely think winter always does this to me!! I hope you feel better soon too!
      You NEED to watch Power, it’s on Netflix, I totally missed the hype and now I’m now binge watching 4 seasons!


  5. I’m with you! I get lazy in the winter and especially since I’m in school- I’m SO burnt out by the end of the semester that I get extra lazy. And I still haven’t been exercising because of my foot, so I’m just so ready to be back to normal. Have you watched Bloodline on Netflix?!

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    1. No I haven’t watched Bloodline, do you recommend? I’m always on the lookout for a new show and almost finished Power so I’ll check it out next!
      Yeah, I just struggle to motivate myself so much when it’s dark before and after work the weekends is the only time I see daylight and I just want to chill at the weekends!


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