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The Realness of Concealness

Don’t let social media fool you.  Have you heard the quote

“Don’t compare your behind the scenes to everyone else’s highlight reel”

It’s true. The thing about social media is people only post the good bits or the good photos, the highlight reel.  In reality, the abs on that ripped goddess just look like rolls when she’s not flexing, that cute couple posting their every move aren’t spending quality time together whilst glued to their phones, those flaunting lavish lifestyle’s probably have the most debt, that photo taken in Santorini is not as blissful as it looks, there are another 10000 tourists pushing you out the way to take it next (trust me, I was assaulted by many a selfie stick there), the people with just 10 likes have more real life friends than those with 100+, the girl posting almost naked photos has body insecurities too, that guy from school really hates his ‘dream job’ and those Minnie Mouse Marshallow Pops are most definitely photoshopped…
My sister threw a little birthday party for her twin girls’ first birthday last week.  Scrolling and pinning on Pinterest she created a cute, pink and white kids birthday party.  Top of her list for artsy Pinterest creations was Minnie Mouse Marshmallow Pops they looked simple enough so we got to work.

Donna got to work making the pink icing bows using a mould, except they were so freaking small she struggled to get them out of the mould and ended up taking HOURS to make just 25 tiny bows.

Cheryl proceeded to decorate the marshmallows by sticking a Pinterest worthy straw in the top and dipping the bottom half of the marshmallows into pink melted candy then coating with pink sugar then leaving them to set for 30 minutes.

Next up was sticking the Mini Oreo ears and tiny bows on top using white melted candy, simples…

After the first one though it became apparent we had been hoodwinked (genuinely have never used that word in my life before, random?!) because when left to set the ears were squint and Minnie looked like she had bird poop all over her head unlike the Pinterest perfect photo my sister had pinned a few weeks back.



I’m convinced the white candy was photoshopped out on the Pinterest picture either that they used superglue, damn we should have just used Superglue, kids eat stuff they shouldn’t all the time anyway it would have been fine, right?  Donna went through a phase of eating Lego and she turned out OK.

The Oreos ears were too heavy for Minnie’s tiny little Marshmallow head and it would take a full head slathering of candy to get them to stick.  We tried separating the Oreos and using each side as an ear but still had the same problem.

Eventually after an hour or so of trying, Cheryl decided to improvise, popping out to her local shop and picking up some Cadburys Chocolate Buttons, which proved much lighter and easier to stay put on top of the marshmallow heads.  Muggins here was left to assemble the final product..

And that my friends is why you shouldn’t believe everything you see on social media… 3 people, several HOURS, lots of trial and error and some ad libbin’ later they were complete.  Tell me what’s wrong with plain old top hats?

Thank goodness she got an actual cake designer to make the birthday cake, phew.

Now if you want a good giggle look up #pinterestfail on Instagram, some of them are hilarious.

Here are two that had me laughing out loud!

Have you ever made or attempted to make a Pinterest creation? 

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to people on social media?

Thanks for reading😊

Have a great day ❤️

Angela xo

29 thoughts on “The Realness of Concealness”

  1. Nope, never had a Pinterest Fail. Never ever. Ok, it’s because I learned my lesson in the pre-social media days when I would try to replicate the Mission Side Chair that only took one guy and 30 minutes to make on TV. I don’t even want to think I did I did to my plumbing and car engine before I gave up and started hiring professionals. Yeah, remind your parents of DIY shows the next time they question you trying to copy something from Pinterest and say they would never put themselves through that.

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  2. You used the word Hoodwink! Love that word. I’m gonna have to steal it and sneak it into one of my blog posts. Haha Elmo looks like he’s been melting on a beach all day. I don’t have Pinterest but my impression of it is most things on there are unattainable.
    By the way, I followed you on Instagram. I promise my photos aren’t photoshopped lol

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  3. I think the cake pops came out great! Which is another thing, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. The people who Pinterest-ed them probably had those same issues and had plenty of cake pops that looked EXACTLY like that and didn’t make the pics. I think yours are cute and creative.

    And honestly, as long as they taste good that is what really matters :).

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  4. I started a pinterest page, but gave up on it quite sickly. Sadly, I do compare myself to other bloggers….and envy the number of followers they have. Then I stop and realize that I should be grateful for the few that I have.

    1. OMG why have I never heard of Cake Wrecks, that is hilarious, I’ve been looking at that Elmo cake all day and laughing, now I have loads to look at! Guess how I’m spending my weekend hahahahaha


  5. OMG!!! Those are the cutest little marshmallow things!!!! I am such a Pinterest person. I did have a fail over a nail design I tried a few weeks ago. But complete success over other things, like a phone stand made from a toilet paper roll. Easy things like that haha

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  6. Hahaha that was cute and funny. Especially the pinterest ones.

    As for social media, it is difficult not to give into envy but I keep it till just that because it is after all just a case of showing others what we want to.

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  7. I thought this was going to be a deep and serious post about the shallowness of social media – and could feel myself getting all defensive about my ‘small’ social media addiction and tendency to life curation 😉
    But then it turns out to be a fab tale about 2 of my favourite subjects- hosting children’s parties & the stress thereof ( now I am long past having to do them) and culinary/cake disasters ( of which I have had my fair share).
    Looks like it all turned out just fine in the end, and as with all family occasions – is always more fun to look back on the disasters – family bonding at its best.
    BTW – I am really struggling with both my running – seems a bit pointless now – and blogging – so is good to read this by way of a kick up the backside to get back on it.

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    1. Haha, I like to skirt around serious issues avoiding confrontation adulting is boring! Childrens parties are a much more crowd pleasing topic haha!!
      Definitely, we were just discussing our childhood family holidays and it turns out we only remember the disastrous ones 😂

      I too am until yesterday I had ran 4 miles since the marathon and I had to stop 3 times during mile 3. I have tried to force myself back into it this week but it’s kind of put me off even more… trail running, that’s a whole other blog post 😫
      Always happy to kick up the backside ☺️

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  8. As a cake and treats designer, this post was hilarious and so close to home!!! I completely GET IT!!!! Pinterest can, more often than not be a pain in the ass! You tube might be more helpful since you’re getting the step by step and actually WATCHING things get done as opposed to just seeing the final “perfect” product! But nothinnnggg about edible decor is easy, or fast. What some may think took me 3 hours to do, took me 12. And that’s why no one understands why it’s so expensive to get custom work done! Lol. Anywho! I commend the cakepops because I HATE CAKE POPS!!!! Kudos!!!! LOoks like it ended up all coming together beautifully!

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    1. Hats off to you!! My sister likes to make and design cakes too so I know how much work goes into them!!! Yeah I was definitely a bit naive to think they were as simple as they looked!!!

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  9. I loved that picture of the baby in the truck, haha! But hey, your Minnie pops looked great after all that work! But that is exactly why I did NOT throw a 1st birthday party! Haha.

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  10. I know exactly what you mean. My girlfriend loves to bake. She finds cute things on Pinterest all the time. She gets so excited. And then I have to be the one to burst her bubble… ok, hon, let’s think this through one step at a time… we just have to be more realistic about the baking projects we attempt and the Instagram-worthiness of the outcome. 🙄

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