Cómo estàs?

My running group leader, Mandy said we might feel depressed after the marathon. Committing so much of our time, energy and focus on that one thing for so long can leave you feeling a little lost when it all comes to a sudden halt.  The runners high of crossing that finish line sadly,  eventually does wear off and apparently it is unacceptable to wear the medal everyday for the rest of my life? Who knew?

Thankfully, my hiatus is not because I have fallen victim to Post Marathon Depression, although I miss my Saturday morning group run, I do not miss spending 3-4 hours running.  I am very happy and have been having a whale of a time (that’s a strange expression for a non-swimmer).  I have however felt a lack of inspiration and had zero motivation to write.  I tried reading back my old posts to see what I actually wrote about before marathon training, but that just made me cringe, ha!

I’ve had a well deserved rest.  I ran a whopping total of 3 miles in the last month, I use the term ‘ran’ very loosely.  I haven’t done much exercise at all and have instead invested my time in making memories with friends, family and my newly acquainted running buddies.  My facial muscles and abs hurt from laughing and smiling so I’m classing that as worthwhile exercise.

I have had SO much fun, still, I feel uninspired to write…

My head is bursting with fun, life-loving thoughts after crossing something so monumental off the old bucket list. Following it up with more awesomeness like well earned celebratory drinks with my run group, a triple dating sing along to a very convincing Elvis tribute act, recuperating with a glorious spa day with my best friends, re-igniting my social life with a girls trip to Spain that became a giggle-fest from start to finish, watching two of my dearest friends take their vows at the prettiest wedding ever, basking in extremely, rare Scottish sunshine and watching my twin nieces reach milestones that require baby-proofing EVERYTHING.

Equally, my head is filled with deeply powerful thoughts about recent terror attacks both close to home and further afield, politics (eye roll)  a general election that made me not want to use my right to vote, devastation for the victims and survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire and the painful news that one of my beautiful twin nieces will endure lifelong struggles with Cerebal Palsy.

A mixed bag of thoughts, highs and lows, things I’d typically share, even if just to look back on when I forget them in another few months… still I felt uninspired to write…

I have neglected commenting on my favourite bloggers posts and have barely logged into WordPress over the last month – I had to delete the WP app on my phone because ‘cannot take photo iPhone storage full’ became annoying pretty quickly.

Today I logged in and read this post  from one of my favourite bloggers, Quinn. Instantly reminding me how much I love reading other peoples memories and thoughts which gave me the motivation needed to write this post explanation of absence.

I am excited to get back into ‘blogging’ and to read name just a few.. Brittany’s recent adventures in Ireland, Liz’s dream trip to Iceland (I’m waiting Liz) to laugh out loud at Fatty McCupcakes and The Captains Speech and to nod in agreement at Quinn’s Thoughts on… not forgetting some of my favourite running blogs, some of whom are beginning Marathon training… I can’t wait to follow training progress knowing my own is OVER, ha!

I’m back, the sun is shining my birthday MONTH is fast approaching and most importantly NO more marathon training updates **crowd cheers for abnormally long time

What have I missed guys? Let me know what you’ve been up to!

Thanks For Reading😊

Have a Great Day❤️

Angela xo








17 thoughts on “Cómo estàs?”

  1. Hey Angela, you have had a whole lot on your plate. I am terribly sorry to hear about your niece. How do you even react to such news? The rest sounds peachy. A break from marathon running must feel good even as you must miss it – if not the act itself, the friends you have made. You can surely do cupcake marathon runs… at the end of 8 miles treat yourself to a cupcake, non? I would be a terrible running partner as you can see 🙂 I have moved to NJ in the time that you have been away, and missing Northampton all the while (it is almost like it has seeped into my cells and I cannot let go of that heavy feeling though I am getting used to my new home) xx

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    1. HaHa I may have signed up for a 10K that offers a free beer at the end but if I find one with cupcakes I would be more than happy to participate…sounds like you would be my perfect running buddy!!!
      You have moved! I must go back and catch up on all of this, glad you are getting used to your new home!
      Its so painful to hear news like we received about baby Amber, we just have to stay positive and strong for her and her parents and make sure she remains the happy little thing she is right now! xo

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      1. She has a lovely name. Amber. She shares it with my niece who lives in London. Though mine has an extra middle name. Hugs to her happy self 🙂

        I can do free beer! Bring on the pints. Can it be Buttertubs? They brew it in Yorkshire and if you have it once you are hooked xx

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  2. Don’t worry about your hiatus from blogging. We all go through it. We all have moments where we are happy and content….and have nothing to write about. I look forward to whatever you write, whenever you write it.

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  3. Yay, you’re back! I’m glad to hear that you’ve been having a fabulous time catching up with friends and family. Sorry to hear about your niece. 😦

    I started officially training for the Chicago marathon last week. This is week 2 of 17 of my training program and I’m already tired. Haha I will also be graduating and getting my PhD in August. Hooray! 🙂 I think those are the two main updates on my end. Look forward to reading more about your adventures in life. 🙂

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  4. I feel you on this! I’ve just been thinking about still going more public on the blog and changing the name, but then I also feel so uninspired to write even though I’ve thought of SO many topics to write about (um, ICELAND!). Sometimes when things change the most though, I feel the most uninspired to write because I have TOO many thoughts and I just don’t want to write about them! Also, I feel like finding out about a niece having CP would just throw a wrench in all of my plans. Something so huge just makes writing about running seem trivial sometimes (not to read about it on our end, but that’s how I feel when I write about trivial things despite such important things going on). But I have totally wondered where you disappeared too, even though I’ve kind of taken a break from blogging too and I don’t know when it’ll end!

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    1. Totally, just puts everything into perspective…nothing else feels all that important at all right now!
      That’s exactly how I feel, TOO many thoughts on TOO many topics!
      Maybe after a break we’ll come back refreshed and throw out posts everyday for months with all these thoughts we have flying around, ha!!


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