Past Adventures • What happened in Vegas?

The Mr is currently on a flight home from a stag party in Las Vegas, communication has been sparse over the last 6 days, yes 6 days for a stag party? Ridiculous right?  After the intial  ‘At hotel. Alive’ text to confirm they had a safe journey I heard nothing for 48 hours then received a random photo of his Ceasars Palace bathroom followed by one of his eggs benedict, steak, ribs , potato and melon breakfast, a day later one of the stag with a Mike Tyson-esque eye tattoo (apparently its henna) and another this morning of Mr himself at a gun range holding some sort of weapon of mass destruction.  I’m pretty sure I won’t get much conversation tonight as I imagine he will probably collapse into a coma for the next few days to recover from the lost of sleep and alcohol consumption.*

Since he has been gone I’ve found myself reminiscing about a trip we made to Sin City for my 30th birthday.  Now, I must confess, my previous past adventures posts have not been written entirely from memory, I used to jot things down in a journal because I have a terrible memory.  Vegas however, I wrote nothing.  Not. A Thing.  I must have taken that quote  ‘What happens in Vegas goes on Facebook stays in Vegas.’ quite literally.

Thankfully I do have some photos I was tagged in on Facebook to jog my memory of what actually happened in Vegas..

August 2013 

•Despite visiting Ireland many times and it being widely available here in Scotland, I had my first taste of Guinness in Las Vegas.

It wasn’t for me but that might have been something to do with drinking it at 8am.

•Came close to being frostbit

•Travelled the world in less than a mile.

•Feared for my life at a shooting range.

I fired a Pink Hello Kitty AK47, a must have for any 10 year old girl!?!? What the.. only in Vegas…I hope!

•Took my first (and last) helicopter flight

•Partied like a rockstar princess

•Rocked out to Queen in Fremont Street

•Solved a murder

•Put it all on black…and lost.

Would you believe red 30 came out and we were all wearing my birthday T-shirts with a red 30 on them!

Las Vegas hadn’t actually ever been on my wishlist, I’m too much of a beach lover, but I read somewhere that Vegas is the adult version of Disneyland and I had always dreamed of a birthday party at Disneyland so it seemed fitting**
The Disneyland comparison was practically spot on.  I realised this as I strolled up and down the strip in awe at the size of the hotels saying ‘wow look at that!’ every 20 steps, just like you’d do in the happiest place on earth.  There are even rides.  I unfortunately was too scared to take on any of the rides at the top of the Stratosphere, the Slotzilla zip line in Fremont Street hadn’t opened yet nor had the High Roller at the Linq but I did brave the old faithful yellow cab rollercoaster in New York New York, with a hangover may I add.  The monorail was just as frightening and the incline elevator in the Luxor was more likely to make you throw up (I could not get used to that thing).  If like me you are boring not much of an adrenaline junkie you could opt for a relaxing ride in a gondola in the Venetian, but I’d recommend you go for the indoor option, we didn’t and it was HOT out!

You might not shake hands with Mickey Mouse (actually you might) but you will see lots of familiar characters.  In fact one of my memorable Vegas moments was seeing a fight break out between Michael Jackson and Big Bird from Sesame St, I wish I’d stuck around to see who won, although I heard Batman swooped in to sort the situation out.

So you see it’s a lot like Disneyland if you just turn a blind eye to the gambling, alcohol, nightclubs, strip shows, hookers and so many naked people.

It’s a fun, wild and crazy place!  After a day or two you become immune to the Vegas craziness, sitting at a slot machine with Elvis to the left and a newlywed bride in full bridal wear to the right becomes completely normal.  As for the nightclubs we quickly caught on to the fact that girls recieved preferential treatment, bait to get guys in I guess.  We were a group of 3 girls and 3 guys and us ladies got in to all the clubs for free and most places offered us free drinks, the guys had to pay to top dollar… I felt guilty about that…for a second.

If celebrity spotting is your thing, you might be in luck.  One Direction had a show when were there and we spotted them on the way back to our hotel one afternoon, they were hard to miss as there was a mass of screaming teenagers around them. Less conspicuous, Pharrel Williams was partying in Pure at Ceasars Palace, Donna spotted him as we headed to the rooftop in a glass elevator.  Donna and I also went to see Bruno Mars in concert (that’s where I became a fan) we were hoping to go to the after party he was attending but it was our last night in Sin City and we reluctantly headed to bed after the show admitting defeat. Vegas always wins.

And that’s what happened in Vegas.  We weren’t too wild (not sure I can say the same for Kevin’s recent trip)  I didn’t get married, apparently I did make a marriage proposal to Kevin as we strolled passed the chapel in our hotel at 5.30am… too much tequila, obviously.  We didn’t trash our room, steal a tiger or inherit a baby and there was no memory loss, well maybe a little fuzziness.

I can’t really make recommendations from (my terrible) memory but here are a few things I remember really loving.

Mon Ami Gabi – Paris Hotel

French restaurant.  We had our evening meal here the food and service were fantastic and sitting outside on the patio we had an amazing view of the bellagio fountains.

Papillon Helicopter Tours

We took the Grand Canyon Evening Celebration tour, a glass of fizz in the canyon and the sunset over the strip on the return. I was terrified but it was an amazing experience and our pilot was great.
House of Blues – Mandalay Bay

I can’t remember what the food was like but the live music was AMAZING and we got a free bucket of beers because it was Birthday!

YOLO – Planet Hollywood

The best frozen margaritas I ever had.

I really enjoyed reliving this, I don’t have this much fun anymore now that I’m old! Ha!

Have you ever partied in Las Vegas?

Thanks for reading 😊
Have a great day❤️

Angela xo
*I stand corrected, he didn’t stop speaking for nearly 2 hours.  I almost feel like I was on the trip with him (although I’m sure he missed some parts out).

**I actually don’t consider myself much of an adult and I don’t think Disneyland is just for kids (that is ageist) I’m holding out for my 40th birthday party there.

8 thoughts on “Past Adventures • What happened in Vegas?”

  1. You got way more done in your days in Vegas than I did! I went to EDC and then alternated days by the pool with nights playing craps all fuelled by Fat Tuesday mud slides!

    Also I love that the height difference with you guys is the same as ours. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohhhh I fancy a Fat Tuesday’s Mud Slide now! I would love to go to EDC was it amazing? Pool days and craps nights sounds perfect!
      The height difference, really? That makes me happy!!! I actually forget about it until I see a rare photo of us standing next to each other.


  2. The part about Kevin is so funny, haha. Whenever Jon goes somewhere, I rarely hear from him. I’m always texting him like, “Hello?! You still have a wife!” Jon and I stopped in Vegas for a night. We got there around 8 or 9pm and left at like, 4am. Neither of us loved it, but I can see going back with a big group and having fun. There is SO MUCH to do! And it was so interesting learning how it’s probably going to run out of water eventually there (maybe I learned that on Google later on).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, yeah we are totally forgotten when they aren’t with us!!
      I know I remember learning that in Geography class in school but we flew over Hoover Dam and Lake mead on the helicopter and you can see where the water level has dropped, crazy!
      My sister and here husband were there for a weekend just the two of them but said it was much better with a group!


  3. Oh wow! Vegas is totally one place that I’ve been dying to do. My best friend has been countless times and loves it and my boyfriend has even gone several times so hearing it from the both of them makes me that much more eager to get there! I feel like Id be such a kid in a candy shop with all the lights and galore going on there!!!

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

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