Fancy a coffee?

This space seems to have become a blog solely about running, more specifically a record of my sub par efforts at training for a marathon.  The problem is, my life right now is WORK, RUN, SLEEP, REPEAT. When I’m not doing that I’m thinking about running, having nightmares about running or watching and reading everything about running! Sadly, this leaves me with not much else to talk about, how dull!

I’ve just made myself a Nespresso so I thought we could have a coffee date.  Grab yourself a coffee, or tea, I love tea, so I won’t judge you for bringing tea to a coffee date, in fact if you’d prefer a wine be my guest (just don’t let me smell it, I’m still sober and could be very easily tempted) pull up a stool and let’s see what nonsense is rattling around in my head, I assure you in advance  this won’t be deep, meaningful or groundbreaking…

Firstly,  how is it May? Already? I feel like I always comment on how fast time passes.  I’m old!  Facebook Memories kindly reminded me that it’s been a year since my sisters wedding.  How has that been a whole year?

Anyway, how are you? What have you been up to?

Last Monday at work we were sent an email from the company directors informing us that the company are relaxing their policies with regards to Social Media.  Seriously!?  After me posting about the interview.  NOW we are allowed to share work related stuff?! This means that if the footage should ever make its way to our monthly newsletter my work ‘friends’ are now permitted to share my jittering, nervousness all over Facebook and the likes! Kill me now!?

Is that a coincidence?  I just wrote about company policy and they change it 7 days later? Maybe one of the directors reads my blog, ha, highly unlikely but if so, a pay rise and Fridays off would be fabulous **wink wink.   Perhaps my conspiracy theory that my iPhone is stalking me is true after all? Seriously though, how many times have you spoken about something and then it shows up on your phone via social media, advertisements or google?  They totally use the microphone for advertising purposes, right?  Also, WordPress keep suggesting sharks as a suggested tag search for me? I think that’s some sort of twisted joke because I am petrified of sharks!!

I watched the movie Snowden recently so I’m sceptical that everyone and everything is prying on us! I mean, I might have a slightly over active imagination but you just never know..

No Facebook, my friends do not want to know I’m at the gym!!

Speaking of work, on Friday we had a charity fundraiser cake sale and played Who’s Who?  We took in baby photos and the person to guess the most correct won.  I WON! A £25 voucher for a restaurant of my choice! That reminds me I still haven’t claimed my prize. It’s so good to do fun stuff at work and break the monotony.

Some of them were hilarious… No 11! No one guessed ME!

Did any of you watch Mind over Marathon? It was a two part documentary that concluded last Thursday it focused on 10 people with different mental health issues including OCD, PTSD, depression, and anxiety.  These 10 people were using running as a form of therapy.  The documentary followed their journey training for this years London Marathon.  Talk.  About.  Emotional!!

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge along with Prince Harry, who are the spokespeople for official Virgin London Marathon 2017 charity Heads Together spoke to and supported the runners in the final episode. There was a heartfelt moment when Prince William spoke to one of the runners,  bereaved mother and widow Rhian, about his mother, Princess Diana’s death.  I’m not a huge fan of the Royals if I’m honest but I was so impressed with the way he spoke, so honestly.  As much as I cried my way through each episode, I think the documentary did an amazing job of raising awareness of Mental Health.   It even encouraged my friend who suffers with mental health to sign up for a half marathon that my friends and I are running in October, I cannot wait for us all cross the finish line!!! I’ve been fortunate not to struggle much with poor mental health but I fully understand how important it is to look after your mental health.

Do you do anything specific to maintain good mental health? Meditation, writing,

So I’ve basically just rambled about work and running, I told you WORK, RUN, SLEEP REPEAT.  I have a sisters and misters date on Saturday that I am really looking forward to, although I have nothing to wear. I may have to indulge in a little shopping spree.

Its been so long since I shopped for anything other than sports wear, I don’t even know what is fashionable right now. Ha!  Its also just over 4 weeks before I head to Marbella for a hen party and the following week I have my friends wedding.  So I’m in need of lots of new clothes and swimwear… wish me luck!

Anyway I’m sure your cups or wine glasses have run dry so I let you go and top them up.

Today’s post was fuelled by a Nespresso Roma capsule – If you have a Nespresso machine what are your favourites?

Thanks for reading❤

Have a great day😊

Angela xo

18 thoughts on “Fancy a coffee?”

  1. Yeah I can’t believe it’s May either, even for me just sitting and moping around this past month, it seemed to pass quickly.

    I had a teacher once who said he believes that we send out some kind of signal when we think of something or someone. Like when you’re thinking of someone who you haven’t seen in a long time and they all of a sudden call or text you. Coincidence? I don’t know.

    Social media sites definitely phish though and get a ton of information. It’s kind of annoying.

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  2. Dulsaos or Caramels are my capsules…. Might have one now actually! Although I don’t have a flake handy so WHAT IS EVEN THE POINT?!

    I may have tentatively signed up to an 8km thanks to you and all your running. I should probably try run 1km first… Hmmm… Marbella for a hen? That will be amazing! I love Marbella. On certain weeks in August Puerto Banus is basically Grafton Street, Dublin with the amount of Irish people you see there. Also those churros in the Plaza de los Naranjos?!

    Now I’m drooling.

    Also they are for sure watching us. If you have a smartphone, it’s listening to you the entire time. Scrubs and I were chatting over dinner about that fancy leather and walnut professional rowing machine on House of Cards and the next day Scrubs got an email from Amazon with “You might be interested in….” and a bunch of fancy wood and leather rowing machines.


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    1. Hahaha, Kevin was like ‘what’s with the poncy Flake and why are you taking a photo of it, just eat the damn thing?’ 🙈

      YOU HAVE!!! THATS AH-MAZING!!! I was reading some of my training posts back and was thinking “I’m really not selling this running malarkey” ha! You’ll rock!!

      I thought I was excited for the beach but now I want the churros ha, it should be a fun trip!

      I’m so glad you agree and have noticed this too. I tried to explain to people that stuff I talk about appears on my phone and they just look at me like I’m cray!

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  3. I did notice how you managed to squeeze in running a few times within the post. But hey, you’ve got to let your heart do a little talking. I’ll not be needing a topper for my coffee as it takes me forever to drink it, and it’s normally cold by the time I’m done. That’s at work. On the weekends, when I can sit and enjoy a whole mug without interruption, it’s a real treat. I also reserve cream and sugar for the weekends, so all those things combined make for very lovely mornings.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I’m so looking forward to not talking about running when this is over, I even bore myself!
      I only started drinking coffee regularly last year I was always a tea girl but I’d have a Nespresso if I visited my friend and she got me hooked!

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      1. Sometimes when I get to hooked on coffee, I switch back to tea. I even wrote a post yeas ago on the danger of coffee, my lover/nemesis. You may like it. It’s called “The Coffee Made Me Fat”

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  4. Hey Angela,
    Stumbled across your blog from one of your comments on Quinn’s blog ~ when do I get the manual (absolutely adore her and her stories!)
    And dang gal if I’m not awfully grateful I did.
    You’re writing is fun…contagiously so. Infact it has, to my amusment and better judgement (have two left feet that i’m continuely stubling over) comtemplating the joy of running. Or at the very least comtemplating how cute i’d look in running atire ; )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thanks, Quinn is awesome, I love reading her posts!

      You have two left feet? We must be related, I haven’t had many runs that don’t involve me falling over!
      You definitely should try running, running attire makes everyone look like an athletic supermodel :)… well except me, it makes me look like an overweight 9 year old boy but that’s ok it’s good fun!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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