Running, The Journey to 26.2

Sunday Run Down #14  Solo or Disco?

Last week, Mandy, our group run leader, sent us out a message that she wanted us to run this weeks long run (16-20 miles) SOLO and with no music!!! The team all laughed when I replied that I run SOLO every damn week, about half a mile behind the group.  I was being funny but it’s kinda true, ha!  Some of the girls from the group suggested we do ours together…in secret.  Of course I agreed.  Here’s how this week went down..


Rest.  Because I’m the laziest person training for a marathon. Ever!


3 miles.  I was booked in to a Hot Yoga class but ended up late at work and missing it, my programme said 5 miles but it was late so I only done 3.


3 miles. I ended up at work late again and couldn’t go out with Mairi and Emma.  Instead I ran with Kevin we only did 3 miles.


I went to the gym with my sister intending a 3 miler on the treadmill and then some weights.  Unfortunately my hatred for the treadmill seems to have grown and I couldn’t stand it after just 10 minutes! So I just done some weight training.


Rest.  Prepping for Saturday’s long run. HYDRATING!!


20 miles.  We met at Lynne’s at 9am and she told us she’s been having IT band pain all week, instead of running she was going to cycle.  She was AWESOME, she had her Bluetooth speaker in her backpack, blasting banging tunes and encouraging us on with ‘whoops and yeehas’ as she cycled along side us.  We call her Esh but she is now known as Esh’s Mobile Disco.  So much fun!!

As for the run.  It was great, slightly slower than our usual group runs so a pace that suited me.   I had no issues mentally or physically at all really.. until around mile 13 where my already tight hamstrings felt even tighter, by mile 15 my legs felt fatigued and tight ALL OVER, that left knee IT band was hurting but I kept going because the group were great and Esh’s mobile disco was just too much fun (I totally would have given up had been running solo). The last mile was slow and painful.  I was so glad to be done.  I’m not sure why it was so tough at the end, our last 20 miler had killer hills and I felt great at the end, this one was mostly flat?!?

Guys, this was my last LONG training run, halle-freaking-luyah!!!!!! Our long run next week is 12 (you know you’ve come a long way when 12 miles isn’t a long run, ha) then it’s 8 and then it’s the BIGGIE!!! Fingers crossed the tapering leaves me with fresh legs!

I was so sore after this run that I cancelled meeting my friend Lynsay in town.  Instead I lay in a bath for an hour…  I only got out because the water got too cold! Later I watched boxing with Kevin, then totally crashed out at 11pm.  I love boxing (missing my boxing class so much!) but I have to admit I get a bit anxious watching and my stomach flips whenever someone takes a big hit!

I found this photo hilarious because you can’t even see me in it (I’m behind Lisa in the orange) not even my feet?! Haha #teammidget


Rest.  I met with some of the girls going on Kevin’s sisters hen weekend for lunch to organise some fun stuff and then hung out with my sisters and nieces. The legs feel ok today, tight at the back of my knees but I’m hoping some foam rolling later should help.

Total weekly miles: 26

Weeks until marathon: 3

The BLING was been unveiled this week…

I kinda love it, here’s hoping I cross the finish line!!

Do you like watching boxing? 

How was your week?

Thanks for reading😊
Have a great day❤

Angela xo

6 thoughts on “Sunday Run Down #14  Solo or Disco?”

  1. All the best 🙂 I was seeing some runners in Yorkshire this weekend near the Ribblehead Viaduct and as they struggled their way through, I do not know who I felt more pain for – the runners or the bikers (you could hear them panting from a mile away).

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  2. I don’t know how you do it, running, I would have given up at 0.2 mi in ha! Wow, the weeks do fly back because I feel like it was just yesterday that it was 6 weeks until the marathon. Good luck with your training!

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    1. Yeah I usually have to talk myself out of quitting from about 0.2 miles, its a constant mental battle!!! I just love the buzz of finishing a really long run, although I’m learning this distance is really not for me!! I know SCARY, the weeks are flying by!


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