Running, The Journey to 26.2

Sunday Run Down… Unlucky #13 

As I start writing this, Mary Keitany has just crossed the finish line in London in 2 hours 17 minutes (her chip time hasn’t been announced yet).  INCREDIBLE!! That’s a minute or so off my first HALF marathon time, haha! I’ll be doing well if I manage the marathon in DOUBLE that time! So inspiring!

I ended last weeks training on a high when I managed to complete my first 20 mile run, a confidence boost that made me feel like 26.2 miles was actually possible.  This week…


My legs felt tired and I ended up working late so I missed my bootcamp class, I went to the gym after work but was just too tired and ended up not doing much at all.


2 miles.  I got up before work to go for a run but my legs still felt tired so I was home again with only 2 miles on my Garmin. Ugh


7.5miles.  I ran with Mairi and Emma after work we managed a 7.5 mile but my legs felt like lead the whole run, I was so grateful of a rest half way when Emma had to make a pee stop at Waitrose.

[The elite mens winner Daniel Wanjiru just took the ribbon and club runner Josh Griffiths has just finished 13th overall qualifying him for World Championships, fastest Briton…amazing!]


Bootcamp.  My legs felt strong so I was hopeful the fatigue had finally gone.

[I’m getting tearful watching marathoners stories….why am I soooo bloody emotional and why is everyone one of them sooo amazing!!]


Yoga.  I did Yoga after work, I was NOT very flexible so took to some foam rolling when I got home.

[I got side tracked by sunshine and my sisters…Its now 5pm and all the marathoners are probably/hopefully finished!]


12miles.  It was such a beautiful day and the group chose a route that we haven’t done before which turned out to be gorgeous but I just wasn’t feeling it today.   From go, my legs felt heavy and I wanted to stop, I was slow.  One of the girls in the group has a slight injury so I ran at the back with her but battled with my head so much not to stop, eventually at 10miles my head got the better of me and I walked, I told Lynne to keep going, that last two miles were a mixture of walk/run with me hating myself for letting my head beat me!!  Did I peak too early last week?

[Its now 7.30pm and I’m in Nando’s waiting to collect food]


REST.  I watched the first few hours of London Marathon and then spent the rest of the day with my nieces and sister.  My brother-in-law who is also running the marathon, injured his knee today and thinks he might pull out, Kevin hasn’t run for two weeks (he has ITB pain too) and I just noticed Mandy(group run leader) posted this…

Who knows what next weeks training will bring?

Miles this week: 21.5

Weeks until marathon: 4 ….argh 4 weeks!

Did you watch any of the London marathon? Were you running? 

Thanks for reading❤

Have a great day 😊

Angela xo

10 thoughts on “Sunday Run Down… Unlucky #13 ”

  1. I would rather stick needles in my eye than run a long run alone with no music. I don’t care how much of training is mental, I will not do that. Unless I’m on a treadmill for a long run and watching TV (which I have done, many times). This *is* supposed to be an enjoyable sport…

    Looks like you had a great week once the fatigue from the beginning of the week subsided! We all have days like that where life gets in the way of training, legs feel heavy, etc. But the rest of the week was good least!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too. The other girls in the group too, they have already been messaging to arrange to do the run together! I get that it’s mental training but I think that would just de-motivate me!


  2. Some weeks will be better than others. I have days at the gym where I’m just not feeling it and walk away after doing two things. You’ll get there!

    That’s funny, the Boston Marathon was just last week. I didn’t watch it, I never do. Maybe I should have since I have time off.

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    1. I didn’t really watch it until I started running really, Boston is the big one, everyone wants to be in Boston… I’m far too slow hahaha!
      Yeah I guess some weeks are just tough, I did two things at the gym on Monday and I didn’t even put any effort in to them so I knew I’d be best to just leave it! Hopefully this week is better, I’m loving reading that you are back in the gym!!


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