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Past Adventures • Tomb Raider


After I posted my NYC past adventure I planned on sharing more of my travel mishaps and social calamities – unfortunately they are a regular occurrence in my life – but being the awful blogger that I am, I forgot.  I was however reminded of this particular incident when Quinn posted about her trip to Cairo (Quinn, I just realised my trip to Cairo was probably just a couple of weeks before yours)


Kevin had booked for us to go on holiday with his friends and their little boy.  10 days All Inclusive in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt.  Now, I’m going to sound like the most ungrateful girlfriend in the world but…  I know it’s great if you have kids or if you are the type of person who basically just wants sunshine (I’m from Scotland I get that!) but an all inclusive resort is really not my thing.  Sharing a pool with the same people you shared the flight with, Good Morning nods to the guy from seat 28E and battling it out for a sun lounger with the kid that took a flaky in the airport does not give you feel for a place, you don’t learn about the culture or history and most importantly you do not help the country’s economy.[RANT OVER].   Egypt, as you probably know, has incredible history and home to the most famous and extraordinary landmarks known to man.  There was no way I was lying on sun lounger, expanding my waist for the whole 10 days when I was so close to the last remaining wonder of the ancient world.

Firstly, lets talk about the transfer from the airport.  17 people from our flight were going to our hotel, we were picked up in a 12 seater minibus.  As usual, Shorty here drew the short straw and had to sit on Kevin’s knee (ok, maybe Kevin drew the short straw) in the front next to the driver, my face practically pressed against windscreen.  The driver was actually really lovely and talked about everything we were passing but OMG I felt like I was in a Mario Kart.  We dashed in and out of lanes in rush hour traffic, I never heard so many car horns blasting.  Kevin questioned why some of the lamp posts were lying at the side of the road.  The driver replied ‘look ahead the road is not finished’, he wasn’t kidding, we drove over sand for about half a mile before joining back onto tarmac.  I was more than grateful when we finally arrived at our hotel in one piece.

After a couple of days of chilling out, which I must admit was actually amazing.  Kevin and I headed off to explore Cairo and ancient Egypt for a few of days.  Our friends stayed at the resort.  They didn’t have visas to leave Sharm and although this was before the political unrest that it is now, Egypt was still very high risk for terrorist attacks.  I couldn’t blame them for wanting to keep their little boy somewhat oblivious in this sanctuary of water slides and free ice cream.


I’m not a great flyer but this was honestly the worst plane I have ever been on in my life, the only way I can explain it was an old military cargo type plane with actual bus seats stuck in, we even had to climb up the hatch/ rear door. NO JOKE

Thankfully we made it to Cairo without the back door opening, sprinkling us all across the Sahara.. that’s what I kept imagining the whole way…  I might have a slightly overactive imagination.


After an altercation with airport security and losing some clothes off our backs to beggars our first stop in Cairo was the Egyptian Museum.

Now is probably a good time to share that I get really freaked out by dead bodies, graves, ancient remains, supernatural, the dark.. in fact I’m scared of flipping everything…  a museum full of mummies was right up my street. NOT!  Alas, we were here for a history lesson so I sucked it up.  The Museum was actually phenomenal, even if I did walk around cowering behind Kevin holding onto his arm in fear that one of the mummified bodies would jump out of its glass case and kill me.  Thankfully they didn’t.

Most spectacular was the Tutankhanum exhibition.  Every item an absolute work of art. The craftsmanship and the extravagance of the riches found in his tomb were unbelievable for the time period which makes it even more heartbreaking to see the poverty and war across Egypt today.

With our minds blown we enjoyed lunch in a restaurant that sat on the Nile before being picked up for the next and most exciting part of our adventure… and the actual point of this post.  I need to work on my rambling.

On the coach to the pyramids our guide warned us about camel touts, people offering to take photos to extort money etc.  he also said the police that guarded the area were just as bad.  Everyone, except me, was excited that one of the Great Pyramids was open if we wanted to go inside.  HELL-TO-THE-NO!  I said to Kevin he could if he wanted but there was no way I was going into a tomb, the mummies in glass cases just scared the bejesus out of me… have you even seen the movie The Mummy!!! I was happy to marvel at them from the outside and get one of those obligatory tourist photos where you look like you are touching the top.

As we got nearer we could see the pyramids above the buildings.  Quite surreal how close the city is to them.   We were informed no photography was allowed inside the pyramid, it wasn’t allowed inside the museum either.  The guide also explained that the pyramids would soon be closed to the public as they are becoming badly damaged and so, Kevin convinced me to man up and go inside.  Holy sheeeeeeet.


Standing at the base of the pyramids was one of those moments where you can’t find words, you just stand in silence staring.  I still cant comprehend how they were built and how are they still standing all these years later.

I was so scared walking in, the passage was really narrow and small, Kevin had to crouch, I can’t remember if I did, probably not.  We descended for a bit and then changed to a climb before we reached the chamber.  It was much smaller than I imagined and hotter than hell.. imagine being inside a huge stone oven.  As I made my way to the middle of the chamber a ‘pyramid guardian’ tapped me on the shoulder from behind, I jumped out of my skin ‘Seriously dude I’m already having actual palpitations here!’  He said something like “10 dollars for photo” and made a hand signal that looked like clicking a camera in front of his face.  I must have just stared with a confused look, like erm, cameras are not allowed?!?  He grabbed my arm pulling me over to the other side of him saying ‘photo, photo, cheese’.  The next thing I knew I was lying inside the coffin on the floor of the chamber.  Petrified that he was about to close a lid over, I jumped out and grabbed onto Kevin.

There were a couple of other people from our coach there who had sneaked cameras in (we’re so nieve) so they stayed to pose in the coffin and take photos whilst I made a sharp exit running back through the passage way like Lara Croft, but not really like Lara Croft, she was badass I am not!  Kevin thought it was hilarious but I wasn’t ready to laugh, I was bloody traumatised and convinced I’d just been cursed by Pharoah Khafre for jumping into his bed.

I calmed down and eventually started to see the funny side as we wandered around outside the pyramids still not believing that we were here.  A camel tout asked if Kevin wanted a camel ride?  He declined the offer and was then asked …’What about your daughter?’  I burst out laughing as Kevin hastily, explained that I was in fact NOT  his daughter!! Haha

Thankfully the rest of the trip was less dramatic.  Well, there was one more.. I was tapped on the shoulder whilst sunbathing back at the resort.  I opened my eyes to a huge picture of a shark, and jumped 10ft in the air..I have a phobia.. ‘shark fishing ma’am?’ Snorkelling?  You want to try?’  Arrrrrgh!!

This is why I don’t do trip reviews, my mishaps make it hard to sell a place but I can honestly say that Egypt was and still is one of my favourite trips of all time.


Feel free to share your travel mishaps with me? Go on, make me feel kinda normal.

Have you seen the pyramids? How do you think were the made? Aliens, Magic?

Thanks for reading😊

Have a great day ❤

Angela xo

26 thoughts on “Past Adventures • Tomb Raider”

  1. 1. Those pants are awesomesauce.
    2. I also went inside a pyramid! My one didn’t have any sarcophogus though and Scrubs and I were the only ones inside the pyramid, and nobody said anything about not taking photos so we took a few! Standing in the chamber looking up at the (ridiculously narrow) long tunnel we’d just crawled down was so bizarre. I also had a brief feeling of ‘someone’s about to close us inside this thing’ but then we scrambled back up the tunnel into the light and it was all good.
    3. How was Sharm? We flew from Cairo to Sharm but then got a taxi straight to Dahab, which I adored more than almost anywhere else I’ve been. Just a quiet hippy dippy village with great food and cocktails and snorkelling. Wish I could go back!
    4. I loved this. More travel posts!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. White is not slimming like my usual option black everything, but it was HOT, HOT and I’m pretty sure that my food baby is highly visable in these photos, I also think i look like I’ve swollen in the heat… and that damn camera has added 10lb again * sighs haha


    1. 1. Ha thanks – awesomesauce (my new favourite word)
      2.sarcophogus, the word I couldn’t for the life of me remember when writing this, im not good with big words, ha – I wish I had, had time to get comfortable enough in the chamber to have a good look around, or even smell, evertone askes what it smelt like? and I’m like well, I kind of made a run for it.
      3. Sharm was actually lovely, but you can tell its been built up for Western tourists. I also wish I could go back.
      4. I’ll do my best – YOU TOO, love reading yours 🙂

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  2. I have so many travel mishaps. If I started sharing them, I would require a 10-mile-long scroll so I shall stop myself right here. But I too want to stand at the base of the pyramids and have that look of awe on my face. Maybe some day I will. That was a cute, hilarious post btw 🙂

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  3. I cannot believe you remember all of that from 2010! I can recall some things from traveling, but not like that! Laura and I always talk on our trips about making real travel guides since we’ve tried to go see so many things that are no longer there. We went to this rain forest in Australia specifically to see some HUGE tree and it had fallen down. It was pretty disappointing, but it was massive. I’ve heard the pyramids aren’t that great, so I’m kind of glad to read that you liked them! I heard they were much smaller than people expected and also that people are put off by how close they are to town. Your airplane experience definitely sounds like an old military plane. That’s how we flew to Iraq. I felt pretty safe on those planes surprisingly, and honestly barely remember even being on those plans, which is shocking because I am terrified of flying and have no clue how I could forget flying in a plane like that. I did fly in the cockpit on the way back from Iraq to Kuwait when I went on leave. It was pretty interesting and also scary! Btw, I didn’t respond yesterday (or whenever you wrote about the Trump hotel place), but those views were AWESOME and I can’t believe that 4 hours was the most you’ve driven in a day! That is just so crazy to me!

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    1. I don’t remember much but I remember traumatic stuff Haha! The pyramids were bigger than I imagined and I felt kind of sad that they were so close to the town I feel like they should be MUCH more protected. I’ve read lots of bad reviews about them too, people complaining about the camel touts and being ripped off, but you get that most places where poverty is high, also people complained about the heat?!?
      You should write that travel guide, I’d read it, this is disappointing about the tree, but rainforest in Austrailia sounds awesome!
      I was actually thinking about you fear of flying and how you managed flying in the military, especially on those planes!! Yeah, I was so proud of myself driving so ‘far’ hahaha!


      1. I literally told myself every time I got on a plane that “nobody in the military ever crashes on the way to deployment,” haha. But I flew in helicopters and I LOVED them! I would definitely get back in one any day, even though they are way more dangerous than fixed wing planes. People complain about such stupid stuff while traveling. Of course it’s going to be hot there! I am having SERIOUS travel fever lately! What town do you live in? I feel like I should know this after reading your blog for so long, but I don’t :/

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        1. Haha, I flew in a helicopter once and I’ll never get in one again!
          Yeah my sister works for a travel agency and we laugh all the time at the stupid things people complain about!
          I live in Stirling, its central Scotland. I have travel fever too 😏 Kevin wants to visit places here in Scotland(he’s not a travel lover) he is currently looking into the Northcoast 500, it’s a circular route around the highlands and I’m like erm, South Africa would be awesome, haha!


          1. I had no idea your sister worked for a travel agency! How fun! That’s my dream job. Or really, to just go around and get paid to travel. I saw a 3 month job for $10,000 a month with all expenses paid, and you travel to fun countries and stay in high end results and then you basically advertise them on social media. I’m sure it’s competitive, but how awesome is that?! Jon and I are talking about doing Scotland in October! I want to rent a car and just drive around. Jon acts like he loves to travel but he’s definitely not into it like I am. He’s fine going with me, but he rarely brings up going anywhere. I just looked up Stirling, by the way, and it looks SO PRETTY! It looks like the type of town I love to visit! Jon told me last night that he thinks I’m being unrealistic with how much I want to travel, haha. But I can’t help it! I feel the impending doom of baby number two looming overhead!

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            1. Yeah, Kevin says the same to me, he says I think I’m a millionaire with all the places I NEED to visit. Haha! I feel the impending doom of homeowning and then probably a baby too, ugh adulting!!! That sounds like the best job EVER! The old town is pretty, there is a big drive for tourism in Stirling just now, it usually gets overlooked for the bigger cities like Edinburgh (which is my fave and really PRETTY) are you just thinking Scotland or other places too? Maybe, if I ever actually get a house, you could come stay 🙂


              1. Well, I’m thinking we’ll get 10 days total again, so probably Scotland? I’m REALLY wanting to go to Peru or Argentina too, but I think that I would want more than 10 days there so I may have to do that with a friend. Jon wants to do Costa Rica and I want to do Nicaragua. But I think we’d both like Scotland. Or I’d go to Oslo too and drive around some of Norway! But tickets are 60,000 points to Scotland so we could fly for close to free, so it’s pretty tempting to just book a flight into Scotland! You guys should hurry up and get a house so I can come visit, haha 🙂 I totally felt the impending doom of one baby and I have to say, the impending doom with the second is even worse for me!

                Liked by 1 person

                1. You definitely have the travel bug, haha!! I’ve never been to South America and I’d love to visit Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Brazil! I had never thought about Norway until someone at work done a cruise of the Fjords and her pictures look INCREDIBLE!!!
                  I heard it’s cheaper for tourist to come to the UK just now as the pound is so crap…I guess that’s just going to drop more when we actually leave the EU!


                  1. I haven’t even looked into the exchange rates for the pound lately. I know it used to be WAY higher than the USD. Do you guys know when you’re supposed to leave the EU? Maybe we should hold off on Scotland until you guys leave and it gets cheaper!

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. Everything I’ve seen so far says it can take up to two years to fully leave, we only started the process on Friday, so I guess there will be negotiations etc.
                      I just don’t know how or if it will affect the economy, financial advisors have advised us to hold off buying a house as they think the market will drop too! Oh such fun!!!!!


                    2. Interesting! That’d be nice to buy a house if the market drops, as long as it goes back up. I bought mine when the market dropped in the US and I made a nice chunk of money off of it! I should be keeping up with all this political stuff more (especially in the US since we’re still in Trump’s first year), but I just can’t get interested.


                    3. Same! It was Brexit and Trump all over the news, it was dull so I stopped taking any interest I just go on what snippets I do catch and what I hear people talking about in the office haha! Yeah Kevin did that too before we were together but he invested it all in his business which is why we are STILL saving (or trying to)!! I currently hate being an adult! Politics, saving, mortgages ugh!


  4. You’re brave for wearing white pants out into the desert!

    Ugh I want to go see the pyramids! I’ve seen the Mayan pyramids and they were marvelous but over crowded. I’d be too scared though to travel through Egypt. Mexico seems more milder in comparison. I would love to go into one of them and explore.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, what was I thinking, ha!
      I’d love to see the Mayan pyramids, we actually discussed how the Mayans and ancient Egyptians had similar rituals and worship yet lived so far apart!!


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