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Sunday Run Down #9 Running, Sunshine, Drake..a week that came up Trump

Remember I said I need to be strict with my marathon training, well this week wasn’t that week….

MONDAY  – should have done cross training 

Rest.  After running Alloa Half Marathon on Sunday, although my legs felt great I decided to have a rest day.  I had to work late as I had a cheeky little day off on Tuesday…

TUESDAY should have run 4 miles

Spa Day.  Extreme rest day.  Kim, Danielle and I have had this booked since the start of February.  We got an offer on itison for Trump Turnberry.  Mixed feelings as we’re not Donald Trump supporters, a lot of Scottish people really dislike him so we were a little weary about posting where we were on social media.  (We ended up sharing because the view was pretty epic, even although the photos didn’t do it justice!).  DT may not be world leader material but the guy sure knows how to make nice hotels.  Our package was a treatment, full spa access and afternoon tea with prosecco.

Being off alcohol, I decided to drive. FAIL. It was SNOWING on Tuesday Morning.  It’s also a 2hr drive (Liz I drove there and back, that’s the most I’ve driven in a day.  Ever! Haha) my car is old, I spend 14 minutes in my car a day, I don’t look after her, at all. I  didn’t even realise the CD was stuck in the CD player (George Ezra has been in there for 14 months) Danielle brought a CD to play for our road trip we eventually removed George Ezra the last 30 mins of the home trip, haha! Now her cheesy pop songs CD is stuck.

Wednesday Morning banter

We arrived at Turnberry Spa at 11.30am and were shown around before heading to get changed for our treatments.  I opted for a back, neck and shoulder massage which was bliss, I wish it had lasted longer and I might have dozed off for a minute.  Post treatments we sat in the relaxation room where we chatted and drunk grapefruit infused water before heading to the pool, we spend the rest of the day in and out of the pool/jacuzzi and lying on loungers, feeling like we were somewhere exotic, looking at the view blessed with sunshine and no snow. There was a blizzard at home!!

At 3pm we headed to the main hotel for afternoon tea which was gorgeous.  We had such a lovely day and just laughed so much.

AWKWARD photography BUT that VIEW THOUGH!!!!

Sure you can have my prosecco… I’ll have ALL the cakes

WEDNESDAYshould have run 8 miles 

I planned to get up early and hit the gym before work for some treadmill miles but I ended up staying with my sister the night before to help with the twins, after work I went to a Drake gig… I’m pretty sure had 20 years on most of the people there and I really could have been doing with some wine but I still had the best night with my sister we even managed to get ourselves into a VIP lounge.  Donna thinks it was because we looked really old and like we needed a seat, she’s probably right, ha!! She was delighted it had one of these..

should have run 5 miles

8 miles.  It was good run.  I ran with Mairi, i was more tired at the start than the end of the run, we made a pit stop half way so Mairi could use the toilet in Waitrose but my legs must have needed the rest because they felt much better when when we got going again!! It’s so light at night now which makes me soooo happy.  I might start running home from work now.

FRIDAYshould have run 8 miles

Rest.  The programme scheduled an 8 mile run but I knew we were planning 17 on Saturday morning with the run group and I wanted fresh legs so I gave myself another rest day…  treat yo self!


17 MILES 16.43 MILES.  Tom who was leading the group had run 29 miles on Friday (ultra marathon prep). So he advised this run would be slower than normal (Halle-freakin-luyah!!!) what he failed to tell us was that it would be hilly, really, really bloody hilly.  As usual the first 3 miles were a mental struggle for me, one of the girls turned back at 2.5 miles and for a split second, I genuinely thought about leaving with her.  I didn’t.  I trundled on with the group who were going at a much slower than normal pace but only because it was a pretty steep climb. At around 5 miles we all felt like we’d ran 10 and I honestly was getting so frustrated with the climbing.  Every turn I was expecting a decline but no…more hills!! I started to notice a slight discomfort on the outside of my left knee and although there weren’t many it felt worse on decline.  At mile 8, We were heading off road and Amanda who was also feeling pain in her knee decided she would head back to the shop again I thought about going but my knee wasn’t painful as such and other than that I felt great, the sun was shining and the views were amazing!!! 10.5 miles we stopped for a group photo then finally we were heading downhill.. rapidly, it was so steep I was actually scared I was going to fall and a few times I felt shooting pains down the side of my left knee.  Mile 12 was back on the flat, my knee felt fine again and I felt great, the pace was slower than normal which was good, I felt like I could have run forever.  It’s amazing what a little sunshine can do!  At mile 14 we realised we were going to be a mile short for the 17 so we headed off the main road for a run around the loch at the University except when I headed up the hill to the university I felt a pain again in my knee, I slowed to a walk which made it worse, I walked, jogged and stopped to stretch my leg all the way around the loch (1mile) then I decided to leave the university grounds and head back to the shop really annoyed as I knew I’d be 0.5 to a mile short.  I practically walked the mile back to the shop as the pain just got worse, I limped, I walked, I stopped and limped, then walked until I realised that once the initial 30 seconds of severe pain was over running was actually much less painful than walking.  Having had IT band issues when I was training for Edinburgh Half Marathon I knew exactly what it was.


I iced my knee when I got home and rested for a few hours before heading out to enjoy the sunshine with a trip to Balloch, Loch lomond Kevin.., we’ve got to make the most of it, while it lasts.

Knee feels a bit better but still painful going downstairs and the first few steps when walking.

Found a cute place for lunch..

He didn’t want to be in the picture


Then took a slow (dodgy knee) walk by the Loch side..


FYI -Swans are evil


should be REST DAY

Rest.  It’s Mothers Day today so I’ve had a day with all the family.


I’m going to rest tomorrow too and see how my knee is before running on Tuesday.  Fingers crossed!!!!

Weekly miles: 24.43

Total rest days: 5😳

Weeks until marathon: 8😱

Thanks for reading😊

Have a great day ❤

Angela xo

9 thoughts on “Sunday Run Down #9 Running, Sunshine, Drake..a week that came up Trump”

  1. That spa day looks amazing and I am super jealous! I haven’t had a spa day in… years. I do get massages but it’s sports massages so sometimes that’s not super relaxing. I really could use a pedicure and a facial, though. Glad you got your long run in and hopefully this week will have more workouts, who knows?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope so, its such a beautiful day today I wish I could go for a run right now!! The spa day was so good, such a fun way to spend time with friends and recharge. Yeah, you read my sports massage post …they are definately not relaxing!!! You should go organise yourself a spa day with some friends, its like food for the soul 🙂


  2. To me it sounds like your doing the right things (the spa does look amazing and the cakes…and the prosecco) and it is important to rest and not feel guilty about it or about not being exact about mileage markers..I should know with my injuries haha! If you are of course finding a pattern then you need to get back on track. You know you can do it and you can always try the IT stretch band suggestion and foam roller devil!

    Liked by 1 person

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