Running, The Journey to 26.2

Sunday Run Down #7 Why am I doing this????

This week was off, my diet was a shambles, I’m pretty sure I actually ate more chocolate than actual food.  I really need to sort that out this week because although I probably weigh the same, I’m definitely bulging over my jeans more than usual.  My training was, well…..


I did Yoga with Adrienne at home, it was ok but I much prefer being in a class environment so I’ve booked to go back to hot yoga next week…it’s been full the last few weeks!


7.5 miles.  My Wednesday night running buddies rescheduled to tonight.  It was the first we had run since the 14miler on Saturday and we were feeling it!!! My legs felt super heavy, Emma struggled with her breathing and thought we had set off too fast so we slowed down turned out we hadn’t we’d actually set off slightly slower than our usual pace, the last 3 miles were rainy so it was a cold, slow, wet heavy legged run…but we got the mileage in.




Boxing.  I should have been running but my gym buddy gifted me a free month membership for the gym we box at, I think she is struggling to motivate herself now that I’m running all the time and can’t workout with her anymore.  It was a great class with A LOT of skipping.




15 MILES group run.  Mandy wanted us to attempt a negative split but I knew I wouldn’t manage as the group are already a bit too fast for me but I’m ok with that she said if we didn’t want to or couldn’t we could just go at our on pace from the halfway mark. The first 5 miles were tough mentally for me and I think I’d given up before I even got started but I managed to stay with the group until the half way mark.  We turned around and the group started to split off into smaller groups of different pace.  At 10 miles I was struggling with heavy legs as was Mairi and Amanda who were running with me, they are both usually nearer the front of the group.  The last 4 miles were SLOW our legs were aching.  Mile 13 was our slowest mile yet where we had to slow to a walk. It was relief when we got back to the shop at mile 15!!!  We were surprised to see one of the girls at the shop who had been behind us most of the way and I had last seen her at 10 miles… we thought she’d found a sneaky short cut but she had given up and had called a taxi at mile 11, haha!! It was tough all round! Strangely my legs felt totally fine after a bath, my toes however have blisters on blisters!


REST! I HURT!   No, not even from running. I fell in town yesterday, completely sober and in front of a group of tourists taking pictures…not one of my finest moments…my knees are bruised and throbing.  I also stupidly wore heels to a party last night and danced the whole night so it’s not just my toes that have blisters now my feet are covered!!! Ugh!

Weekly mileage: 22.5

Weeks until marathon: 10

Thanks for reading☺️

Have a great day❤

Angela xo

14 thoughts on “Sunday Run Down #7 Why am I doing this????”

  1. Maybe you’ll feel better next week if you eat more real food rather than chocolate, haha. But you’re getting so close 🙂 Are your toes blistering from running? I have always heard that’s a sign that the shoes aren’t right for you! Or is it from wearing heels? I can’t wait to read about the actual marathon after all this training! I’m still super impressed with how far you’re running!

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    1. Haha yeah you could be right with regards to the diet! I’ve done much better this week to curb the craving!!
      I’m not usually bothered with blisters from running but my feet got pretty wet on that long run so I guess the skin was softer but now I have blisters on my heels from the high heels too, thankfully they haven’t been causing me any problems when running this week! I can’t wait for the actual marathon to be over, I’m getting bored of my own running chat!! Haha!! Thank you xo


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