Just (NOT RUNNING) stuff..

I haven’t posted anything non-running or training for a while so thought I’d share my recent thoughts in an update sort of way…who knows how this will turn out, I’m just winging it…..

Kevin and I both fell in love with a house last month, it’s the first time I’ve actually loved a place and actually imagined us living in it, it was perfect and ticked all the boxes so it was pretty deflating when we missed out on it and now I feel like there are none I even want to look at.

 House prices are creeping up and houses are selling FAST all the mortgage brokers and financial advisors are saying that when Brexit starts happening the market will drop again and we’ll go back into recession, the pound will be worthless and another referendum is on the cards..blah blah blah.. I’m not sure.  We actually watched a movie last weekend called The Big Short it was based on a true story about some dude who figured out the property market in the US was going to crash a few years before it actually did.  It was a pretty good movie (if you get past the Wall St jargon) but it really just reminded me how much the world revolves around money and how much power all the greedy bankers and businessmen/women have. UGH!  That’s another days debate, why do I always go off on a tangent…sorry!

I’m kinda obsessed with looking inside other people’s houses right now.. that didn’t sound stalker-ish at all, Angela!!!  I’m not sure if it’s because Interior Design used to be my forté or if it’s just because I’m nosy and like to see how other people live, either way it’s good fun!  I have come across some interesting interior decoration choices in the last few weeks… here  are a few things that made me laugh (almost out loud at viewings)*

Extreme floral print- I’m already a small person and felt as though I’d walked into the set of a Honey, I Shrunk the Kids movie!

 If you insist on having the tin man in your sitting room at least give him a chair so he’s not just creepily, standing at the back of your sofa? Wtaf?

Full blown disco ball walls?  This house actually had a glitter wall in EVERY room in EVERY colour.

Kevin and I are actually ‘living’ together this week at my sisters house while she and her husband are in Goa on holiday (I’m so jealous, I need some sunshine in my life, right now) Kev is currently cooking me dinner for what is the 2nd time in almost 10 years**!!!!  Well, unless you count disposable BBQ grilling he’s done that a couple of times when we’ve been away with the race car.  Did I say, he’s retired from racing and sold his racecar but is now taking motorbike lessons to get his bike license..rolls eyes..I hate motorbikes!

Pretty much nothing else has been happening recently because MARATHON TRAINING!!!

I haven’t even met up with my besties THIS YEAR which sucks, Lynsay has been moving house -I must pop up and visit her soon and (friend not boyf) Kevin sadly lost his Mum recently.  I did see them at the funeral but its not exactly catching up when its under such difficult circumstances. I’m not even sure what Kim has been up to because shes been quiet in the whatsapp group chat, Lyndsay lives pretty much across the road from me so we really should make more effort but she works full time too and has two kids… the days pass so quickly that the next thing you know its been weeks…months!  I’m going to whatsapp them now!

Oh also, I have booked to go to Marbella, Spain in June for Kevin’s sister Lynne’s hen weekend. She actually asked me to go to Marbella before she asked me to be her bridesmaid and I said No because I was saving…then she asked me to be bridesmaid two weeks later so I felt like I kinda had to go.  Awkward!!! Kevin’s Mum paid our flights and refuses to accept the money for mine (probably because I said I wasnt going because of money in the first place).  Awkward!! I don’t really know any of the girls going other than Lynne and I also had to turn down my friends hen weekend in Marbella as it’s the week before the Marathon, she doesn’t know I’m going for Lynne’s yet.

I’m sure it’ll be good fun though and like I said I need some sunshine it’s a week after the marathon too, so I’ll be needing the break by then.

Kevin is going to Berlin for his future brother in laws stag weekend and VEGAS for his friends stag party.  I’m so sad/jealous he is going to Vegas, we went there for my 30th and I feel like it’s a special place to us so I’m gutted he is going and making Vegas memories without me Haha! I sound like a psycho girlfriend!!

I just read this back and everything I spoke about sounded like I’m totally miserable, haha. I’m not! I’m actually really happy, spring is just around the corner, although the monsoon currently happening outside says otherwise

*apologies if you are a floral print extremist , tin man hoarding, glitter loving home owner this was not intended to cause any offence.

**dinner was nice, chicken fajita pasta, not groundbreaking but I’m alive

Thanks for reading😊

Have a great day❤

Angela xo

15 thoughts on “Just (NOT RUNNING) stuff..”

  1. So many thoughts. That rose wall. What in the hell! Who needs the tv when the wall looks like a magic eye picture?

    Scrubs is also going to Vegas for a stag (I still maintain that’s not a stag, it’s a holiday!) and I’m very jealous. We have good holidays lined up though so hopefully that’ll take the edge off!


    1. HaHa right! You wouldn’t even notice the TV, I actually noticed the wall through the window when we parked across the street!
      It totally is a holiday, hes going for 5 days, what stag doo lasts for 5 days? Kev has his own garage and usually only takes a week off a year so I’m working on him to take more time off so we can go somewhere together too!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love looking in other peoples homes too, I just love to see how things are decorated. Which is funny, because I don’t want a large space of my own, but I do think a good decor makes or breaks a space!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, did I sound a bit creepy?….
      I’ll be honest though if it’s dark outside and your curtains are open and light is on when I happen to pass your house, I’m going to look in, I mean that’s practically an invitation, no?
      Ok so maybe the image in your head is accurate, except the sprinklers, I’m in Scotland it rains every day so there are no sprinklers….I guess that makes running away easier, I could be avoiding puddles instead though?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Not creepy, stealth! If you see something in a house that you like, will you knock on their door and ask them where they got it? (I’m hoping the answer is yes)

        Liked by 1 person

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