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Sunday Run Down #6 My Longest Run EVER!

I know, its Monday not Sunday.  I had no internet access yesterday, turns out I’d taken the plug for the Wi-Fi router out to plug in the vacuum.   Oopsie.


Nada. Zero.Zilch.  I’m getting so bad at missing Monday workouts but I ended up in the office until 7pm. AGAIN.


My gym buddy (who is not really my gym buddy right now as all I do is run) Carol-Anne convinced me to ditch my 3 mile run and go to Fee’s bootcamp class instead.  It was a Partner workout and only 3 of us turned up so it was pretty intense.  My arms and chest were KILLING the next morning, so I think with all the running I’ve definitely lost some upper body strength.


7 miles.  Kevin was doing repairs on my car so I couldn’t meet my Wednesday run buddies after work and I’d had a migraine pretty much all day so I decided to skive.  Kevin insisted I run with him instead even though he just complains that I need to speed up.  It was tough, my legs were so heavy, I think from class the night before …too much skipping, burpees and box jumps.  We included the loop part of the marathon route into our run, which was actually fine and pretty flat, however I still think 2.5 times is too much, especially at the end of a race. On the plus side, the migraine was gone half a mile in and Kevin and I didn’t fall out with each other , ha.


3 miles. My legs felt ok, still a little heavy but not nearly as bad and it was a short, quick run with nothing much to report on.


My programme had another 7 mile run scheduled for today but I knew if I did that I would struggle with Saturdays long run, so instead I had a lush bath and painted my nails.  I know, I’m such a rebel.


My longest run. EVER!! 14 miles with the run group. I had a bowl of porridge about an hour before and had a bit of a dodgy tummy  before I left to meet the group (TMI) so I was a bit worried about going for such a long run.  I felt great when we started off and was keeping up with the faster runners of the group, until I started to slow at around 6.5-7 miles.  I felt ok just the legs feeling heavy but one of the girls in the group slowed to run with me and said I looked quite pale.  I took a gel and then Tom who was leading the group paused for a minute or two to let us all (there were a few people were behind me too) catch up with the front runners before we turned around to run back, we managed to squeeze in a group photo.  The run back to the shop was great, don’t get me wrong, I was tiring and I was SOOOO happy to be done but I definitely felt a boost after that pause and the gel, I’m 100% sure there was plenty colour in my cheeks at the end.  My Garmin battery died at 12.99 miles but Amanda who ran with me most of the way sent me her stats and I unofficially beat my half marathon PB, I’m still slow so not by much but still.  I felt so good after the run that I went shopping with my sister and the twins.

The Squad – I’m the little head at the back 3rd from right

Some of the girls had been for sports massage through the week and recommended getting one when I said my legs were getting stiff.  Apparently there is a local Sports massage place that are doing a package for marathon runners, £100 for 3 therapies pre marathon and 1 treatment post marathon, so I might look into that next week.


REST.  My knees felt a little tender but only for the first few steps after getting up which wasn’t very often because I literally sat all day watching back to back episodes of Biggest Loser USA and I Used To Be Fat.  I am obsessed with weight loss shows.  I get so emotional watching them.  Kevin laughs because I cry watching them. I’m not a crying person unless something is really upsetting but these shows get me every time, there is something uplifting about seeing someone do something they think they can’t.  I kinda wish I’d become a personal trainer.

It’s Monday now and my legs feel great 🙂 I’m not sure if I’ll manage to finish work on time to workout or not though 😦

Total mileage: 24miles

Weeks until race: 11 (2 weeks until Alloa Half)

How was your training week?

Thanks for reading❤

Have a great day😊

Angela xo





8 thoughts on “Sunday Run Down #6 My Longest Run EVER!”

  1. 14 miles! WELL DONE! Is that guy on the right legitimately a giant or is the camera skewing the perspective? I can’t tell. (If he is a giant can you ask him if he’s mates with Hagrid?)

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