Running, The Journey to 26.2

Sunday Run Down #4 and #5

I’ve not abandoned my training, I just didn’t have much to post about last week.  Week 4 of marathon training involved 60 minutes hot yoga on Tuesday and 7.5miles on Wednesday an that was all!

I even missed my long run which should have been 12 miles.  I was so annoyed at myself because I really have no excuse I was just lazy and the 7.5 miles I ran on the Wednesday felt good!  On the plus side, the issue with my left foot seems to have gone so I’m putting that down to resting,  although I have also been rolling it on a golf ball.



60 minutes boxing.  I made it to boxing class for the first time in weeks.  It was such a good, sweaty workout and made me realise how much I miss working out.


Rest. I skipped hot yoga because it Kevin’s Birthday but we ended up not doing anything anyway so I could have been there!


6.5miles.  I’m not sure if it was because I missed yoga or if it was because I hadn’t run for a WEEK but my legs were so heavy.  I struggled pretty much the whole 6.5 miles my hips felt so stiff.  No niggles with the foot though so maybe missing the long run was needed.


3 miles.  The snow and storm Doris forced me on to the treadmill.  I’ve been lucky with the weather so far so I can’t complain too much and luckily it was just a short run.


60 mins circuit.  This should have been a rest day but after boxing on Monday I had been wanting to do another workout so I decided to go to Fee’s bootcamp.  I cancelled my membership at Fee’s in January when my marathon training increased so I was kinda missing her and the girls I worked out with there too.  It was such a good killer workout and it felt so good doing wall balls and burpees again…who knew? Also, there were lots of new members and Fiona has invested in some new equipment, which makes me want to go back but my training programme has just one cross training session a week.😔


9 miles.  Mandy led the group and decided for our 9 miler this week she would slow down the pace and do some hill training…a 4 mile incline on the steepest hill in town. I hate driving on this particular hill because it’s so steep!! It was tough, I slowed to a walk a couple of times and one of the other girls was sick so we were tailing behind everyone at the end. The downhill sprint I can only describe as amazing, Mandy ran beside me as I did it!! After our run Mandy had organised for a local sports physio to speak to us at the shop which was really good he gave us some good exercises to do and helped people who had any complaints/injuries.


Rest.  DOMS! I don’t think I’ve ever been this sore from exercise!! Arms, chest, shoulders, abs, legs, butt…EVERYWHERE hurts. It’s a satisfying pain though and probably my punishment for slacking last week!

The last two weeks have been a struggle I feel really slow and heavy, I had been secretly hoping I’d surprise myself with a good marathon time but now I’m hoping to just manage to finish it.  Last night I dreamt that I started the marathon with no shoes on and had to run back for them, then I got lost and when I finally finished I realised I hadn’t actually signed on for the race! Arrrrgh!  It felt so real, even though we had to run through a kids soft play area. Haha!

Other news:  The official route for the marathon was released last week and there are a lot of people not happy with it.  It looks like the last 9 miles are a repeatitive loop (x2.5) that means passing the finish line twice.  That’s going to be mental torture also there’s no need to do that, I guess they are trying to close as little roads as possible.

Total miles: 18.5

Weeks until marathon: 12

How has your training week been? 

How often do you cross train when training for a race? 

Thanks for reading ☺️

Have a great week ❤

Angela xo

14 thoughts on “Sunday Run Down #4 and #5”

  1. I’m glad the foot is feeling better! I would think harder weeks are just part of the training. You can’t feel great EVERY week. And I’m sure increasing mileage so much is hard on your body. Hopefully you’ll feel better soon, but I think taking rest days here and there is good. And I’m sure it’ll be nice to get back into other types of workouts when the run is over! Anything that makes you appreciate working out is good, hah. I HATE running loops! I don’t mind it if it’s just one loop, but doing it 2.5x is too much. I forget- when is your marathon?

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    1. I know, it’ll totally mess with my head!! It’s at the end of May and I already can’t wait to not have to run all the time haha!
      I’m sure I’ll have good weeks and bad weeks! I’m so glad the foot is better I was starting to worry I might have to see a specialist!


  2. Dang girl, GET IT! The rain has finally stopped in my area which means I no longer have any excuse to not run on my lunch or on the weekends. I got 12 miles in last week, not great but not horrible considering all the weeks before.

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  3. Good lord I feel like I exercised just from READING that. Woof! That is a lot of exercise for six months never mind one week!

    How do you like the boxing? I kind of want to take it up but more as an exercise trial than a getting-punched-in-the-face thing… Not that I would mind getting punched in the face, I think it could only be an improvement at this point, but I am a bit squeamish about the crunching sound of cartilage getting mashed… Do you go to boxing in a gym or how does that work?

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    1. Haha! I love boxing!!! I’m a complete wimp and probably could never actually punch a person but it feels good to take some aggression out on a bag or some pads. (I usually pretend it’s someone who has annoyed me that day) I do a boxing class in a local martial arts gym. If you can get past the smell (sweaty feet) it’s good fun!

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  4. There is nothing like the high you feel running through you after a long, long run. I try to remind myself of it on days when I cannot be bothered to head out. I have not ever run a marathon but well done you.

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  5. that’ll dewwit: sign up 4 sumthing, & … you’re (kind of) committed. I yoosta run marathons, then … eh, ran half-M’s, when I didn’t or couldn’t RUN that much I did short-course triathlons (I swim like a rock), and … now? –> I try to make two or three (ice) hockey games a week. still: RUNNING is “my #1 exercise” and hope to run ’til I die and even try to run after that. good 4 you! can’t wait to see how ya’ do ~

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