Running, The Journey to 26.2

Sunday Run Down #3  


I almost made it to my boxing class then got stuck in traffic FOREVER, well for a good 20 minutes at least, so I annoyed I missed it..again! Instead of admitting defeat I actually went to the gym and did a little HIT workout good but not as good as boxing.


Hot Yoga my second class and I might be hooked already! Followed class with a three mile treadmill run.


6.5miles with my run buddies, slight niggles on the side of my left foot but a great run, one of those runs where you feel like you could just keep on running.  Forrest Gump moment!  I haven’t felt that in a while.  My foot niggled a little during the run but wasn’t painful until after the run.  It hurt when putting any weight on it but was fine by morning.

Thursday & Friday

Rest. I had some days to take off work so took holidays Thursday & Friday with intentions of having some long lies in bed, catching up with some friends and just generally chilling out! Instead I helped my sister with the twins, went shopping, ate my weight in chocolate and done ZERO running. I quite enjoyed not having to go to work, can totally see myself as a housewife…a girl can dream! Sighs


11 miles with the running group, the mileage increase has commenced!  I talked myself out of quitting this run several times between miles 2 and 4, I was just not feeling it at all, it was really windy, icy cold and started to snow at one point! I took a gel at 4.5 miles and miles 5.5-11 were great!!! I’m not sure if the gel worked or if it was because at 5.5 we turned around and had tailwind instead of gale force wind in our faces but it felt so good completing it when I’d struggled so much mentally at the beginning!  My foot again wasn’t painful during the run, slight niggles but nothing too bad.

**To warm up after the cold, wet run I went straight home and had a Lush bath, which I’ve been told is not actually advisable, everyone seems to recommend ice baths. I much prefer my baths warm.  What do you think?


Rest Day.

I could barely put weight on my foot this morning, it was so painful and swollen under my ankle and along the side of my foot.  Strangely, by lunchtime it had eased off and the swelling had gone down. I even managed an afternoon of shopping, but opted for comfy trainers rather than heels or boots, just to be on the safe side.  Not sure what to do with it?!?  On the plus side my legs felt great today, like I hadn’t been for a run at all….maybe I should have pushed myself a little more. Ha.

Total miles: 20.5

Weeks till marathon: 14

Still an alcohol free zone…28 days and counting!

Thanks for reading❤

Have a great day 😊

Angela xo

8 thoughts on “Sunday Run Down #3  ”

  1. That’s so weird about your foot. I feel like that can’t be good though! And with the bath- I would think if you’re cold the whole run, wouldn’t it kind of even out to take a warmer bath after? You can’t just freeze yourself all the time! I’d have taken a nice warm bath too! Days off during the week are the best! I mean, I have a lot of them now, haha, but when I worked more, if I got to be off on a usual workday it felt like I was so free!

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  2. Best of luck with your continued training! I’ve really enjoyed reading through your Sunday Run Downs. If you have a moment, I was hoping to touch base with you about a running safety initiative. Feel free to shoot me an email if you’re interested! Thanks!

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  3. The ice bath thing has recently been debated back and forth quite a bit. Some people still really believe in it but ice in general is not the end all that we used to think it was. For certain injuries ice can actually be detrimental. As long as you don’t have swelling, there is nothing wrong with a warm bath. In fact, for my last marathon training cycle I took warm baths after most of my long runs and remained the strongest and healthiest of any training cycle. If it feels good, keep it up and enjoy it!

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    1. Thanks, that’s good to know! I find a lot of health and fitness advice contradicts itself, probably best just to do what feels best for yourself! I can’t see myself ever managing to get in an ice bath, I freak if the shower gets a little cold!!

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