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Song Roulette

I stole borrowed this idea from Paul, although in my defence he did request his readers do the same, to give him ideas for new music.  This was right up my street as I am aiming to run a marathon this year, I am always looking for new music to add to my playlist, just imagine how many hours of training I have to put in, ugh….that’s a lengthy playlist I’ll need.  ALSO Santa brought me a new ipod shuffle and a record player, so lots of free space for new music and a new love for vinyl. I’m rambling…

I LOVE music,  I like a wide range its not uncommon for me to rock out to AC/DC then participate in car kareoke to Taylor Swift, also,  don’t lie you know you have all least head bopped to Justin Beiber song, EVERYONE has.  I’m rambling again..

Songs are great for triggering memories, (even for me who has the worst memory ever) which is pretty much the aim of this game, play songs on shuffle and write the first thing that you think of.

**Using my iPhone music library which I mostly use it for running/working out, so you might find that the majority of my songs are the type to get you pumped up for a workout or dance.  Wear sensible shoes before reading any further, better still put your workout gear on.


Omi -Cheerleader

Kinda embarrassed I have this, Ha. It reminds me of my Mum, my sister and I caught her singing along to it one day but she was singing the wrong words ‘Oh, I think that I found myself a jelly bear’ NO MUM its cheerleader!!! Jamaican accents are clearly not her strong point!!

Bruno Mars -Uptown Funk

This reminds me of a Christmas party with the work girls a couple of years ago, we had already had a few (too many) cocktails when this song came on,  we hit the dance floor like no one was watching and had the best time. Ha.  You can’t help but not dance to this, right?

Michael Jackson -Thriller

OK this song makes me run fast! I was a bit of a Jacko fan back in the day but everytime I hear this I think of the first time I saw the Thriller music video, I’m pretty sure I was about 5years old.  My best friend, Wendy (who lived next door) and I seen it on TV at her house just before we left hers to go to mine for a sleepover, we ran so fast to my house as it was getting dark outside and slammed the door shut behind us, holding it closed with our butts for a good 10minutes.  We were so scared. HaHa

Calvin Harris -Drinkin from the Bottle

This takes me back to Las Vegas for my 30th birthday, I wish I could tell you more but you know… what happens in Vegas…

Kenny Rogers -The Gambler

My friend Danielle sings this REALLY BADLY every time she gets drunk and there is a microphone in the area.  She fell out with me once at a party when she overheard me saying to the DJ to keep the mic away from her!

Lady GaGa -Just Dance

I went to a Pussycat Dolls concert with my friend Deborah, I’m not a PCD fan, I am just a good friend.  Anyway, we ended up being pretty late and missing the support act… Lady Gaga.  Just Dance had just been released that week, Deborah was like ‘Its fine who even is Lady Gaga?’.. oh that’s the girl that sings that ‘where are my keys, I lost my phone’ song… if only we knew!!! We laugh now, remember that time we missed a superstar!!

Oasis- Champagne Supernova

This reminds me of an Oasis gig I went to (21 years ago!!!!) I could not see anything other than the back of people for the whole gig and came home with a black eye after being accidently elbowed in the eye…being 4ft11 sucks sometimes!  I also remember some guys throwing cups of pee around in the crowd. Ewwww.   Strangely, I can actually remember telling my Mum I had a great time. Ha

Drake -Hold On, We’re Going Home

My sisters and I on a road trip to the beach singing in the car a few summers back!

Ray Charles – I got a Woman

One of my favourite movies Ray……and annoyingly also the Kanye West song Golddigger, for obvious reasons!

Paolo Nutini -Pencil Full of Lead

This doesn’t ignite a particular memory but it always makes me happy and think of my younger sister!
Kanye West & Jay Z – H*A*M

This song reminds me of my boxing class, I’m not sure I’ve even heard it there before but it gets you all geared up for punching stuff, no? or maybe just killing it in the gym.

Carly Simon – You’re So Vain

Does this remind everyone of the movie How to lose a Guy in 10 Days? In particular it reminds me of the yellow silk dress Andie (Kate Hudson) wears in it.

Eazy-E -Boyz-N-The Hood

This reminds me of ghetto blasters, remember those MASSIVE sound systems in the 80’s are they even called ghetto blasters maybe we just called them that, boom boxes, portable Hi-Fi maybe?  Anyway some of the older boys in my street would play those in the summer and blast out songs like this one  #thuglife… and so my love for rap was born.  Come to think of it that song really wasn’t exactly appropriate for my age group in the 80’s!!

Kodaline -The One

My friend Deborah’s wedding, this was her and her husbands first dance song and I always think of their wedding when I hear it.

Amy Winehouse – Tears Dry on their Own

We were a party at my older sisters house, Kevin and I hadn’t been together very long and he was really quiet and pretty shy around my family .  I’m not sure if he had too much to drink (he doesn’t change much when he is drunk) but he ended up playing Singstar on the Playstation and wouldn’t let anyone else have a go, we couldn’t get the mic off him, ha I remember him singing this,  at the time it was one of my it just reminds me of him sounding like a cat being strangled!

Paolo Nutini – New Shoes

This reminds me of 2014 T in the Park music festival.  I had a stage clash,  where Paolo was playing on one stage and someone else I really wanted to see was playing on another stage (I can’t even remember who it was now) I decided to watch half of each and made it back to Paolo just as he started singing this song.

Nirvana – Dumb

I was a bit young for them when they were around but I pretended I was a massive Nirvana fan because I liked to copy my big sister, (I was 10)  pretty dumb huh! Ha… I actually did like the music as I got older though!

Eminem – Stan

This transports me to my final year at High School, we had a common room that all 6th year students used during free periods to play poker and chat study.  This song was huge that year as was Eminem, so it always reminds me of hanging out  studying in there with my friends.

There you have it some of my playlist memories!  I’m pretty confused as to why there were no Beyonce or David Bowie songs on the list, I’m sure my library is made up of 80% Queen Bey and Bowie!!!

Let me know if you decide to do this too, I’d love to read some more and steal new tunes for my playlist. I’m sure Paul won’t mind.

Thanks for reading❤

Happy Monday, have a great day😊

Angela xo




6 thoughts on “Song Roulette”

  1. I’m adding some of these to my playlist! Uptown Funk is my weak spot. Even if I’m in the middle of being angry with someone, in the worst mood ever, if this song comes on in the background I’m sunk. I have to start grumpily dancing along until I start laughing. I can’t NOT dance to it. There has to be some subliminal messaging or something in there somewhere!

    My last year of school the song was Hollaback Girl, so you definitely got the better deal with Stan.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It totally does, such a feel good tune and a good beat to move to!!
      Hollaback Girl, Aww man I remember that- This sh*t is Bananas…ha. I think I was finishing University when that one was around!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. If you want some really fun tunes to jam to, check out Chvrches (with the “v”) on “Leave A Trace”, “Never Ending Circles”, and “Clearest Blue.”
    I also enjoy listening to Florence and The Machine with, “Ship To Wreck” and “What Kind of Man” along with Sleater-Kinney and songs like, “Oh” and “All Hands on the Bad One” to their recent hit “No Cities To Love.”
    If you want something a bit slower, check out Courtney Barnett and Jenny Lewis on “One of The Guys”.

    Liked by 1 person

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