I had so many festive themed things I planned to post about in the run up to Christmas, however, as usual any plans I make never seem to work out and time has honestly run away from me.  Christmas has been and gone!!  I returned to work on Wednesday, a three day week is not to be grumbled at though and I’m off on Monday again **happy face

December is always my busiest month of the year for socialising, so many parties and so little time.  I go all out on the sparkles.  Glitter eyelids and nails, shimmering cheek bones, red lips, sequined dresses, sparkling wine and if I’m really lucky there will be a twinkling carpet of frost to walk on too.  I love it (mostly because it forces me to make an effort and dress in something other than jeans and T-shirts).  It’s glitter season!

The start of December found me at Girls Day Out in Glasgow with one of my best friends Lynsay we had a fab little day despite being ripped off by a palm reader that had zero talent just a scanner and printer from circa 1980, wtf? Then another incident that involved some dodgy gel nails.  Jamie Genevieve’s live show was fab and Lynsay and I always have a great time when we’re together but I wouldn’t recommend the Girls Day Out we we’re both a bit disappointed with it but nothing a trip to our favourite gin bar couldn’t sort out though

Oh I’m a blonde now (still not sure about it)

Early in the month I also attended Kevin’s racing awards ceremony which was extra special this year as he won his championship.  Like last year the SMRC Awards Dinner was held at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Edinburgh, this year we stayed at the hotel which was gorgeous.

Before the Champagne was flowing…

After the champagne was flowing…

…as you can see we probably all had a little too much!

A week later we had a special night out for my little sister turning 30, I still cant believe she is 30, my LITTLE sister!! Donna’s husband booked an overnight stay in Glasgow for them and we surprised her at the restaurant he had booked for dinner, Boteco Do Brazil, which was fab!

Our gorgeous Birthday Girl!

I missed my office Christmas party because it clashed with my sisters birthday but had a double Christmas, yes Christmas twice, because why not?! Round one at Kevin’s Mums house on Christmas Eve (shes a mid-wife and works Christmas Day) followed by round two, Christmas Day at my Mum’s we had the best time with our families   Double the fun and our first Christmas with my sisters twins, who were far too little to know what was going on but added double the magic.

 Oh then there was Boxing Day where we spent the night at our friends house partying…eating yet more food!

I’m literally stuffed and almost all partied out but I had a tonne of fun!

Have you had lots of parties this holiday?

I hope you have had a great Party (Glitter) Season.

Merry Belated Christmas

 Thanks for reading ❤️

Angela xo

6 thoughts on “Glitter”

  1. I like the blonde hair! But for some reason, I pictured you blonde anyway. Was it blonde before? Your December sounds fun and busy! Sometimes I miss actually going out and doing fun stuff, but then I leave the house and am tired by 8pm, so I don’t know that I could ever go do fun things that often, haha. I’d be so tired!

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    1. Awww thanks! I had been highlighting it gradually the last 6 months but decided I’d just go the whole hog! I’m naturally dark brown but it’s funny you say that, when I had it done my co-worker was like ‘I always liked your hair that colour’ and I’ve never been this light, ever! Ha!
      Oh I know, I can maybe last the pace at a party but I definitely suffer after a late night, takes me days to get my sleep back and I don’t have any kids!


  2. You look beautiful as a blonde! 🙂 Looks like you had a ton of fun this season. I didn’t attend very many parties. The holidays were pretty tame because I’m working on a deadline. Maybe after that deadline is over, I can go and have a little fun. 🙂 Have a Happy New Year!

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  3. Hi! It looks like you had wonderful Holiday season! I share your love of glitter, mainly around the Holidays. Glitter nails, glitter bows, sequins – woo hoo!
    I think it is so cool that you live over seas – & I look forward to your posts in 2017!
    Cheers to you, from the U.S.!

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