“So this is Christmas… war is NOT over..”

It’ s Christmas Day on Sunday 4 more sleeps!

I love Christmas, I get as excitied as I did when I was 5.  My Christmas parties are done and dusted, the tree is happily twinkling in our family room, my gift shopping is complete, I have eaten my weight in mince pies, drunk more gingerbread lattes than I care to mention and the carpet of glittering, frost returned this morning but I’m just not feeling my festive spirit this year at all.

If you have seen the news recently and are HUMAN you probably feel the same way.  The media coverage from Syria and Yemen is painfully, heartbreaking and making it difficult to find much importance in anything I do in my day to day life, let alone spreading the Christmas cheer.  I just feel so helpless and so angry.

Angry that our government appear to be doing nothing to help, angry that directly and/or indirectly they  have caused this and/or have allowed it to happen and kinda annoyed that a picture I post on Facebook from my Christmas party gets over 100 likes and comments yet the links I share the next day to donate to Yemen and to Syrian aid gets 0…..yes zero, not even one of my 484 Facebook ‘friends’ liked that post, commented or shared it. None.  Do people not care?  Is humanity dead?

I am aware that worldwide there is conflict, war, famine and all sorts of humanitarian crisis’ all year round probably since life began but it’s just so easy for us, we’re far enough away not be affected, to forget or put it to the back of our minds.

I am making a conscious effort to not force this horror to the back of my mind but to accept that the world we live in is neither safe nor privileged, that I am simply  fortunate to have been born where I was.

I’m not going to tell you that you should donate you can do that if you wish. Just try to keep them in your mind, pray for them if you pray,  be grateful for everything you have as they are forced to go without, practice love not hate, be the change you want to see in the world.  Start within.

We Failed Them..

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