Running, The Journey to 26.2

Ready, set, GO!

*NOTE this post is all about running.

Since my last running update, where I completely failed miserably at life, I’ve gradually found my running feet again!

Currently I run most Saturdays with a running club and every Wednesday with two friends who are also training for the marathon.  The rest of the week I run alone.

Mandy who takes the club gave us programmes so I’ve been sticking to that as much as I can.  I’m slow, I’ve always been slow, I probably always will be but I’m ok with that, I’m enjoying it again and that’s more important to me. That sounds like a cop out for being slow but I honestly don’t care about pace.

Kevin has signed up now too, so I have had a few training runs with him too.  Seriously though this guy is so annoying, I asked him to sign up and do the marathon with me when I did but he said he didn’t have time to train for a marathon.  My brother-in-law asked him a few weeks ago to do three challenges with him so he is now running the marathon,  a week later hiking the west highland way and the week after that climbing  the three peaks, he miraculously does have time to train for all this!! Pffft!

My training has been enjoyable so far, the mileage has been pretty manageable and going by the programme 8 miles is the longest long run I’ll do this year (let’s just forget there’s actually only 3.5 weeks left of this year!!)

‘Enjoyable’ apart from that time it got so dark I was scared, or that time we got caught in a downpour and even my knickers were soaked, oh and that combination of darkness and rain where I had no idea where the puddles were to be dodged until my socks were soaking wet!  Those runs weren’t so enjoyable but mostly I’ve been pretty lucky with the weather and haven’t had to spend much time on the dreadmill at all.  Will I ever learn to like that thing?  I ran 7.5 miles in the rain with NO music, no problem then struggled to run 3 miles on the treadmill a few days later, it’s so mind numbingly, boring.

I tried to stop working out as I am running 5 days a week now using the programme but I felt like I wasn’t doing enough as  the mileage I’m doing isn’t really the equivalent intensity of the workouts I was doing, so think I’ll still do a class once maybe twice a week at least until my mileage is upped, later on in the programme there is a cross training session included once a week anyway.

I got an early Christmas present for myself in the form of new running shoes. I had started to feel some discomfort in the arch of my right foot, so after a run with the club I jumped on the treadmill in the shop for some gait analysis before picking myself some new kicks.

Taking my new shoes for a test drive
They’re pretty but they’re not Valentino Rockstuds!!


So far they have been great, I haven’t run in any Brooks shoes before, I’m a bit of an Asics faithful but these little Ghost 9s may have just converted me!

Who seen Mo Farah meet Forrest Gump? I loved this, Forrest Gump is one of my favourite movies.

New shoes, new running buddies and my Garmin on charge.  I’m ready to bring back my Sunday Run posts and bore you all to death with my Strava splits, soundtracks and success…hopefully!

Are you a beginner runner or an ‘on/off’ runner like me?

Are you training for any races in 2017?

Thanks for reading 😊

Have a great day ❤️

Angela xo

13 thoughts on “Ready, set, GO!”

  1. Angela you are so Fit and such a Good Sport. Running is good for our body.
    I used to run a lot before, but after my lung operation, if I run more more than 3 minutes, I’m out of breath and have to sit and catch oxygen. I miss running!!

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  2. Hello, we really enjoyed reading your post! We loveeee to run. We are planning on treating ourselves to some proper running trainers as well so it was helpful to see the brand you went for! 😊 TB x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely recommend giving them a try! I’d also recommend having gait analysis done just incase you need some extra support! Let me know how you get on xo


  3. I’m glad you’ve got your running game back! I’ve not run since my 10k and I’ve got a fun hot cocoa run this weekend that I’m so not prepared for 😬 I’m definitely and off and on runner, but you inspire me to be more on than off 😊!

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