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Don’t grow up, it’s a trap!

Wow! November, where did you go?

I’ve had a pretty busy month.  Marathon training is in full swing.  Well I have a training plan and I stick to it, most days, kinda.

Anyway enough about running it’s my rest day!!!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll probably know I’m a big kid, I read a quote somewhere once that said ‘Don’t grow up, it’s a trap!’ And I quite frankly live by it!

I’m the first to defend us thirty-somethings to the younger generations who think us over 30’s are old and boring and also to the older generation who think that we are too OLD to be going to Drake concerts **I’m looking at you Mum!

I have to admit it though, they might be right, I am known to now enjoy things that I once found ‘old and boring’, I probably can’t party like a rockstar anymore (well not for two nights in a row) and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be double the average age at the Drake concert in January.  I am getting older, I’m really not all that cool anymore(I’m not sure I ever was though. Ha) and there’s no anti-wrinkle cream that can stop it!

If I’m honest I think it’s been creeping up on me slowly without me realising it.  As I think back to just last summer, there was a time I would have felt I was too young and cool to do things like …. stay on a canal boat, but I did and I kinda loved it.  However it only really occurred to me that we’ve gotten OLD recently when some friends of ours invited us to spend a weekend in the Highlands in the North of Scotland at the start of November.

Now don’t get me wrong had my friends asked if we wanted to spend a weekend partying in Ibiza, I would have jumped at the chance, but they didn’t, they offered us hiking, possible snow, nights in by an open fire all the types of things I’d have felt too young and cool to do had my parents offered (and they did offer this on several occasions) and still I jumped at the chance, I needed a break and it sounded like bliss. Bliss? Really?! How did this happen, when did I get sooo old?!   Just to hold on to that slight glimmer of youth though, what actually sold it to me was the hot tub and champagne that was promised *winky face

Packing for a weekend in the North of Scotland in winter:  Forget those gorgeous fashionable winter coats, scarves and boots.  You need thermal underwear and warm jackets (the unflattering, sleeping bag type) and every other piece of clothing you own because you’ll need layers…lots of layers. Socks lots of socks.  Don’t even think about heels.  Sleep naked? Forget it! You would rather wet the bed than get up naked for an icy, cold toilet visit! **I am known to slightly exaggerate, it’s not quite as cold Antarctica.

We set off on Friday night after work with two of our friends, our other friends had left earlier in the day and were meeting us there.  So no scenery to admire on the journey, it was pitch black.  Kevin’s friend Mark kept talking about Jeepers Creepers and every other scary movie that involved people driving in the middle of nowhere with no phone signal at night. FYI.  It doesn’t take much to scare me.  We also realised about an hour in to the journey that there was a problem with the car on acceleration (Yes Kevin is a mechanic **rolls eyes) so we had to limit the speed which meant the journey was even longer.  Off to great start guys!!

Arriving at night when it was pitch black, we couldn’t really see much of the place so after a celebratory alcoholic beverage..or ten, we went to bed to explore in the morning.

No hangover, fresh air for the win, people! I got up at 8.30 and went for a run (marathon training doesn’t stop!!) it was a little icy but not bad there were no cars on the road, no people at all, it was so quiet.

I did bump into one local, not sure whether that’s an approving look or not?!

We stayed at Achaderry Farmhouse in Roy Bridge, it was gorgeous and one of the best equipped self catering holiday places I’ve ever stayed in. It sleeps 10 people (we were a party of 6 adults, 2 kids and a dog) and was super spacious.

I did not take nearly enough photos, our phones were barely touched all weekend due to a lack of service.  There was free wi-fi that worked in one room in the house but we were having too much fun to bother with it.  No social media, no phones, no Donald Trump chat (we did put the TV on for Music channels only)

You can’t really see it here but the hot tub was in a sun room that had amazing views of the snow capped Nevis Range.

Most of the weekend we spent at the farmhouse in the hot tub, drinking, eating and chatting, or walking around on the woodland grounds with the dog.

We did venture out on the Sunday.   We took a cable car up the Nevis Range and then had a small hike to a viewpoint. We weren’t equipped to hike Ben Nevis and we had the kids with us…who am I kidding we were slightly hungover and probably too unfit!!!

It’s started snowing while we were up there.  It was so pretty and so peaceful.

Only girl in the world!

We got some gorgeous sunshine for the journey home so managed to catch some of the scenery.

It was such a good weekend, with great friends even if I have officially become old!

Before you write me off completely though.  The following weekend was spend with another group of friends trying out some new bars in town.

A chilli challenge for Kevin..

Chilli Burger, chilli dog, chilli cheese fries and an Oreo cookie milkshake with 15minutes to complete.

A challenge he failed.  Although in his defence I had one chilli cheese fry and I thought my tongue was on fire it was so hot!!!

The boys also fell for a marketing scam when they were promised an all singing, all dancing, flame throwing, exploding cocktail that didn’t really meet the hype….I’ve watched this video so many times! Haha!


Eating, drinking, laughing till it hurt and dancing with my bestie…there’s still life in this old dog yet 😉
Do you enjoy doing things you thought were boring or uncool when you were younger?

Have you ever attempted an eating challenge?
Thanks for reading❤️

Have a great day😃

Angela xo

7 thoughts on “Don’t grow up, it’s a trap!”

    1. It was freezing! Not my idea of fun but I surprised myself, the hot tub and drinks definitely helped!!
      It was a lot of food and wasn’t one of my most proud girlfriend moments. Ha!


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