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The Office – Ep1 -Beehave

I work in an office with 4 other women, occasionally, our managers work from our office but for the most part it’s just the 5 of us.

Generally we get on really well but sometimes it can be hard work, working so closely with women, hormones, emotions and all that jazz.  I’m pretty quiet and tend to stay out of arguments or bitching sessions when they occur.  Like most work colleagues we probably spend more time with each other than we do with our families, its bound to happen from time to time.

Most of the time it’s enjoyable,  we laugh, a lot!! We talk about anything and everything.  There are some topics I believe shouldn’t be discussed in polite conversation but it turns out it’s ok to in our office…religion, politics, money, Sex…okay maybe not so much actual sex chat, two of the women are ages with my mother after all (cringe) but there’s definitely more than a few sexual innuendo’s thrown in the chats on a daily basis.  Mostly our chats are just the most completely random topics.

People from other departments are always getting caught up mid way through our random conversations which will either have them leave the office laughing or running out blushing.

Our google search histories (mostly mine as I’m the google queen)  is actually quite embarrassing.

How did we survive before  Google? Did we know nothing? <<< (we’re bffs if you just thought of Jon Snow).  Before Google how would you find out what was number 1 in the charts on the 19th August 1973?!

Here’s an embarrassing office Google search related story.  One of the IT guys logged onto my PC remotely when he was trying to sort something for me.  I’m not sure why he looked at my history, probably just being nosey, but the last thing I had ‘googled’ was can astronauts have sex in space?  I died of embarrassment trying to explain to him that the girls had been talking about Space Live a documentary that aired for a week live from International Space Station and we wondered if, you know the astronauts could get up to anything, six months is a long time!!

**FYI There’s no evidence that they can’t but apparently it would prove to be quite difficult (Newtons Law, gravity or lack of , blah, science stuff, blah…) I find it difficult to believe that no-one has tried it though, even if only for scientific purposes.

Recently things have been pretty stressful in the office, we actually do some work too believe it or not!   So the office banter has been kind of dull lately and I could feel a little bit of tension in the atmosphere between a few of the girls.

That is until I got this new shirt last week, which by the way I thought was really freaking cute.

A few people had said it was nice.  Then this one guy from the sales team came into our office and he said ‘Nice shirt Angela, did you get stung when you bought that?’ The office went into an uproar, the sales guy who said it was practically hyperventilating from laughing so much.  I laughed too it was funny but c’mon you don’t laugh at your own jokes, well not that much anyway.  Haha.  That was it for the whole day I heard bee joke after bee joke, I’m pretty sure he was googling them because there is no way he made them up by himself, it was just too funny.  He even made the Receptionist call me to ask where the hive was as pest control were in to remove it, she didn’t have a clue that it was a joke as she hadn’t seen my shirt.  EVERYONE asked if I was ‘buzzing for the weekend’.  We all laughed so much all day, needless to say I haven’t worn the shirt since. Haha.

It’s all good being laughed at though, it broke the atmosphere in the office AND I came in the next day to some treats.  Queen Bee socks and a peanut Lion Bar (because chocolate addiction) for my trouble.  Ironically I was wearing a leopard print top that day. Haha

Maybe I’ll start a regular post on our office chat of the week!

Anyone else had to stop using Google due to embarrassment? 

I’m going to Buzzzzz off now🐝

Thanks for reading 😊

Have a great day ❤️️

Angela xo

8 thoughts on “The Office – Ep1 -Beehave”

  1. My office is larger than that, in my cube area there’s 7 people in it which is low. Some areas in the office has at least 30 people in it. The co-workers that I get a long with, we talk about everything in the office. From politics to racial discrimination to our dating or marriage life. Of course we whisper on the risky topics and leave most of the risky topics for lunch. We almost never dare to google risky information, we are all being monitored constantly all the time. But, we all have personal phones with data to look up any risky info. That shirt is super cute though, I would rock in my office too.

    I work with 90% men though, which they love to gossip as much or more than women, but everyone is pretty chill and accepting. Well, the accepting is just being polite ha.

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  2. Yeah we don’t really use work PC’s or laptops to Google much at all since that! Oops!

    It’s mostly males in my workplace too just our little office upstairs is all girls and the two reception girls! Guys are so much bitchier and love gossip more than girls!!!


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