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30 SINCE 30

Last Saturday was my birthday.


 I don’t even know where the last 10 years have gone! OMG.. If I ever said anything that made me sound like my Mother, that was it!

In all honesty though, my age has never bothered me (I freaking love birthdays!) but I do know that the 30+ club gets pretty bad rep of being boring, I’m on a bit of a mission to clear its name, life is still awesome this side of 30!

Although they sound like great fun I didn’t do a 30 before 30 list. I have slight OCD so if I hadn’t completed it by my 30th birthday, I’d have been pretty annoyed with myself.

  So to mark my birthday I thought I’d do a list, but change it up a little (make it more awesome) and list 30 things I’ve experienced/done for the first time since turning 30, 3 years ago(but feels like 3 months ago).

Things I’ve crossed of the old bucket list

…30 SINCE 30

Disclaimer: Don’t expect any jumping out of planes though I’m not that adventurous…….yet!

1. Partied in Las Vegas 

2. Took a ride in a helicopter

3. Ran a half marathon

4.  Watched 24 start to finish

….because that’s an accomplishment!!!

5. Walked the Hollywood Hall of Fame

6. Went out dressed as a famous landmark

Funny story: when I got to the fancy dress party my friend burst out laughing apparently when she’d asked what I was dressing up as she thought I’d said “an iPhone cover!” ….I’m the Eiffel Tower incase you are wondering!

7. Measured Marilyn up for size

FYI a perfect fit

 8. Started a blog


9. Fell in love with Santorini

It’s like, literally heaven!

10. Said YES

11. Gave blood

I couldn’t do this until 18 months ago as I was under the weight criteria (which is ridiculous, I’m small but have a healthy BMI), I’m so happy I can now…. Although I guess that means I also gained weight since turning 30 *oooops

12. Completed a zip wire assault course

13. Lived on a long boat

…..for a week.

14. Watched the most beautiful sunset.

I’m obsessed with sunsets since this one!

15. Ran 5k everyday for a whole month

16. Fired a gun

A typical bucket list item is facing your fears.  Turns out I have a pretty mean shot, even if I did mess my underwear…sorry!!!

17. Watched my little sister/best friend get married

18. Seen the Grand Canyon 

19. Went Vegan for a month.

My friend is a member of the ‘vegan police’ so I decided to give it a go.  Still can’t believe I managed a whole month without chocolate!!! I really only missed chicken, chocolate, cheese and eggs…which is basically my staple diet!

20. Tried wake boarding

Tried” being the key word.  I still haven’t worked out how something can be so much fun when you are so bad at it!!! Note there is not a photo, that’s because I wasn’t on top of the water long enough for a photo!

21. Had a champagne picnic on the beach …in Scotland!!

Got Sunburn, windburn and rained on all in one day but it was a great day!

22. Took a random trip to a city I’d never visited before 

There were a few but Liverpool was the most recent

23. Learned something new

I took a make up artist course (I passed) it may not be a new language or a musical instrument but I can assure you contouring cheekbones and winged eyeliner takes skill!!

24. Paddled in the Pacific Ocean

My first and only time on the west coast, I really hope to go back soon and explore more places!!

(Santa Monica Beach, Los Angeles CA)

25.  Bought a stranger coffee

She actually screamed down the street after me… ‘Thanks but I can afford my own f***ing coffee’ . 

LIFE LESSON: you will never please everyone!!

26. Raised money for charity

Kevin and I raised £1000 for Leukaemia and Lymphoma research at the children’s hospital. after receiving sponsors to run a second Half Marathon.

27. Became a morning person!

I may not have a 100% record but I never imagined I would EVER get up at the crack of dawn to work out!


I can’t even explain how much I love boxing.  I’d advise everyone to try a sport they have never tried before. You might just surprise yourself!

29. Seen Beyoncé in concert

…..ok I may have seen her a few times, before I turned 30 too,  but it’s Beyoncé!  I did see Bruno Mars in concert…oh and BoyzIIMen after I was 30 though!

30. Became an Auntie

To beautiful identical twin girls 💗💗

I’m sure I’ve missed loads of other fun stuff but there you have it my 30 since 30!

Have you done any of these things too? Or do you want to?

What’s on your 30 before or after 30 list?

Thanks for reading 😊

Have a great day💗

(An older but not much wiser) Angela xo

25 thoughts on “30 SINCE 30”

  1. This is best list I’ve read! Number 25 is my favourite, I cannot believe she was so ungrateful lol. Also, congratulations on your engagement! Such a lovely ring. You’ve had a very eventful few years and this is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aww thanks lovely. Been engaged for a year and a half and STILL no wedding plans…maybe it’ll be in my 40 before 40 list!!
      I know, right! I left feeling all happy and proud of myself and then was so embarrassed and scared lol!!! XO


  2. What kind of person isn’t grateful for free coffee?! I can’t believe some people! I don’t have a list, but definitely go to Iceland. That’s my whole bucket list, haha. ICELAND. I loved Santorini. Greece is one of my favorite countries! This is a fun list! Also, I don’t weigh enough to donate blood either! Everybody is always so shocked when I say that. But I hate needles so I think I’m secretly glad I don’t weigh enough, haha.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Iceland is definitely on mine too! It seems to have become really popular recently everyone I know has been going there!

      I know how rude, right?!

      Ha, so do I, Im a little scared and my blood donation seems to take twice as long as everyone else, it’s horrible but I guess it’s worth it!


    1. Well after my incident I’m not sure I’m the best person to ask haha! My mum takes an elderly lady in our street for her shopping to save her catching buses and carrying shopping maybe you could do that?

      Liked by 1 person

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