Is it just me or is January just a little, dull.  It’s like a month long hangover, punishing you for having too much fun in December.  Your social life takes a hit, your bank balance is in recovery, the weather sucks (well more so than the usual) and for me it’s also a really busy time at work.  It’s no wonder really that January is home to Blue Monday.

Angela’s Advice: Pour yourself a glass of prosecco and pat yourself on the back you’ve survived it.  You rock!!

Only 9 days in and I had a cold for 6 of those but February is proving to be a right little ray of sunshine already.

On Saturday I attended a style event in Glasgow hosted by fashion stylist and blogger Victoria Martin.  I’ve followed Victoria’s blogs for a few years, as well as lusted over many an outfit post on her Instagram.

You can find her at A Lifestyle Less Ordinary

Shake up your Style was her first event in her new and very gorgeous office/event space The Lifestyle Lab.
 I had serious interior envy, the space is super on trend with neutral grey hues and an abundance of beautiful rose gold accents (I am currently OBSESSED with everything rose gold right now!).  Everyone in attendance commented on how gorgeous it was.

Oh and because being in the prettiest room ever wasn’t enough she also added popcorn, nibbles, prosecco and CUPCAKES. Victoria is definitely the hostess with the mostest!

The style workshop was excellent especially if like me you have a closet full of clothes but ‘nothing to wear’or find yourself always leaning towards the old faithful ‘all black errthang’.  Victoria talked us through what she would with any of her new style clients. Obtaining a capsule wardrobe giving us tips on how to mix and match day and night wardrobes, how to add colour and accessorising.

It was such a good day, I met some really lovely girls and picked up some tips that I’m sure will make me a more sensible shopper and of course much more stylish.  I’m not going to lie my sister and I hit the shops right after.

Here’s hoping there are no more fashion faux pas on my part.  Remember that time I matched the carpet.  My friends and I still die laughing at this.

In fact, they sent me this meme on whatsapp the other day just to remind me. Haha!

In other news,  I was booked for a spiritual reading last Thursday, however long, story, short there was a mix up with the booking and it has now been rescheduled.  All was not lost though I still had a lovely lunch and shopping catch up with my two best friends Lynsay and Lyndsay.  Lynsay had her reading and was blown away, so I’m really looking forward to mine.

I didn’t work out at all last week as I had caught the ‘office lurgy’ and to be honest after running 5k everyday in January I probably needed the break.

FYI Here’s what I looked like after my last 5k on Jan 31…

Obviously I earned extra prosecco and pats on the back for completing my challenge AND making it through January**smirky face.

This week I’m feeling motivated so beast mode is on.  While I typed that I realised its only Tuesday, ha. I have booked a few new classes this week as my fitness challenge for February is to move out of my comfort zone.  Weightlifting and boxing are up for trial this week, hopefully they are not as frightening as they sound.

Shopping, prosecco sipping, lunch dates and girlfriends.  I told you February was fabulous.

I also bagged myself some Beyoncè tickets today which has pretty much made my year.  I’ll be smiling from now until July.

And just when you thought ‘could February be any more Awesome?‘….PANCAKES

How is February treating you? 

What has been your biggest fashion faux pas?

Thanks for reading 😊

Have a great day 💗

Angela xo

14 thoughts on “February”

  1. Haha you’re so right about January, I never thought about it that way. Usually I tell people if we make it through January the rest of the winter will be smooth. Unfortunately, we’ve gotten more snow in February than January this year haha.

    I love her light grey couch and the deer pillow! I am so that girl that has nothing to wear with a full closet and end up going to work all in black haha. I signed up for an online personal stylist on Stitch Fix to get a new outfit every other month to mix up my style and dress better instead of frumpy.

    I LOVE lifting weights, I just feel better and look better. I’m so much more tone and lean when I lift. I have been contemplating on signing up for a boxing gym, it seems like SUCH a good workout and fun. Don’t be intimidated! It’s only as intimidating as you make it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww no! Hopefully Spring makes an appearance soon, I’m done with wrapping up warm!!
      A new outfit every month, that sounds amazing!
      Everyone I speak to says the love lifting, so hopefully I do too, I have poor upper body strength so hopefully lifting and boxing will sort me out!!


  2. loving all of this!! I’m obsessed w/ rose gold right now too 🙂 — LOVE that pillow! You definitely have motivated me to kick my butt into gear and start exercising again. I’ve been so lazy lately but I’m going to try to get back on it! Thank you! 🙂

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  3. sounds like a fun style workshop! and with sparkling wine to boot…can’t really go wrong there. not sure what my biggest fashion faux pas has been…my running clothes definitely don’t match half the time (or i’m sporting, like, all one color), but i don’t know if that counts. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was really good fun and you’re right the wine made it even more so haha!
      Oh gosh my running clothes are a disaster, last night I went running with running tights stars printed all over them and a leopard print top….thankfully it was dark 🙂


  4. December is MAD busy at Starbucks, so I’m always a bit relieved when January hits. Winter as a whole has been a bitch for me this year though, so jazzed to almost be into March and one step closer to April!

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