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When I hear the word memories, my head is filled with the unbearable sound of me trying to practice playing the song from ‘Cats the musical’ with the same name on a flipping recorder of all things (the worst musical invention in history) I played it over and over and over in preparation for my Standard Grade music exam. My poor ears!!  Don’t worry I’m not going to play this for you today. Ha!

It’s really fitting that this is what pops into my head as I really do have a terrible memory.  I have very few childhood memories and within those I am not sure if they are real memories or have been created in my mind by looking at old photographs. For me, the past is very much in the past as its highly unlikely I’ll remember it.

You may have noticed this weeks Facebook craze #WAYBACKWEEK everyone has been posting childhood photos, you know ’cause everyone loves some good old nostalgia.

I have to admit some of them are hilarious.  Like myself, most of my Facebook friends were born in the early 80’s and let’s be honest what is more hilarious than the 80’s style…Mums and Dads sporting shoulder pads and moustache’s, questionable wallpaper and OMG the haircuts.

This was my photo.  Christmas Day 1986 my baby sister just 2 weeks old. According to my Mum I held on to that Teddy all day, when you hugged it, it said “I love you” etc…like Ted but without the profanities! She also claims I refused to wear a dress to match my sister because it wasn’t pink but I can’t ever remember being that stubborn!

My lovely friend Lynsay (who I’m delighted is now on WordPress, Hi Lyns!!!) also posted about #waybackweek and the importance of photographs as a lasting memory.  You can read her beautiful post here.  This is something that struck a chord with me when I was looking for my own throwback photo.

I found this…

Just your average 80’s family heading of to an 80’s family wedding.  However, this picture speaks a million words to me, because I really can’t remember my Dad standing or walking.  Seeing him without the restraints of his wheelchair brought some unusual emotion.  I couldn’t remember how tall he was and that car next to us was his, I can’t remember him driving and I definitely don’t remember that ‘tashe, I think he was trying to look like Freddy Mercury but managed to look more like the 118 guys on the TV, haha.

I looked at the picture and like a child, I began to imagine what happened that day.

I imagine we got ready for the wedding my Dad helped me fasten my shoes(something I now do for him) we then visited my Papa (grandfather on my mothers side) who took this family picture outside his house before Dad drove us to the wedding and if he’s as much like Kevin as I think, my Mum was probably telling him to slow down. I’m a Daddy’s girl so I imagine that I clung to him all day sat on his knee during the ceremony, made him dance with my big sister and I, watched him dance with my Mum and when I fell asleep he carried me to the car and took me home.

It was a perfect day in my head until I showed Mum the photo and she told me my sister and I only went to church service and the photo was taken when we came back, Mum and Dad then went to the wedding reception and we stayed at Papa’s house for the night.  Oh well it was beautiful while it lasted and I think I’ll hold on to my memory for a bit longer.

Kevin gets annoyed that I take so many photos, I’m snap happy (okay I may need to calm down with the selfies) but we live in this digital world where you can have memories like this in a second, you can share it with the world in an instant and for many people like Lynsay and myself we know that photo can one day mean so much more than just a diary entry.

Have you taken part in #WAYBACKWEEK?

Do you have photos that bring back or encourage new memories?

Thanks for reading❤️

Have a great weekend😊

Angela xo

5 thoughts on “Memories”

  1. I’m guessing you’re in the UK lol. I haven’t seen that trend on Facebook, but then again I rarely go on and the US has different trends at times. I remember there was one where people were replacing their profile pics with one where they were a child. So I posted one of myself at age 2 with a puffy pink dress, short black soft curls, a white headband on, and a huge smile on my face. I don’t remember that of course. Some pictures of my childhood I have no clue what was going on, but I have my own memories of my childhood that there are no pictures of. It’s funny how you can remember the things with no physical evidence but forget the ones that you do have.

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    1. I know, and my sisters and I all remember different things about certain times, so strange! Yeah I’m in the UK, I don’t usually participate in FB trends but I do love looking at old photos so I joined in!!
      You sound soo cute in your throwback photo!


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