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2015 – Season Finale

A year really isn’t that long at all.  This morning while contemplating what to write, whilst showering…does anyone else do their thinking in the shower or is it just me? Showering or running is when my brain goes into overdrive… Anyway I was thinking about how little time it is but how many memories I’ve made this year.

2015 was the year I trained(badly) and (surprisingly) completed 2 half marathons, lived on a boat (for a week), fell in love with Santorini, Greece…oh and technically whilst it was still 2014 but a year ago today I was proposed to…still no wedding plans FYI.  I hope 2016 brings just as many happy memories.

 As for resolutions…well..I’m still working on last years but this year my main goal is to work towards building a future with Kevin.

Saving money – not going to lie, I get bored just reading those words but unless I win the lotto our house isn’t going to pay for itself.

Are you making any resolutions this year?

I wish you all the very best  HEALTH, LOVE and HAPPINESS for 2016!
Thanks for reading ❤

I’m off to get glammed up now for a Hogmanay party at my sisters house…where a there is a 5 year old who thinks she can beat me at Frozen Kareoke…Haha

Happy New Year ❤

Angela XO

2 thoughts on “2015 – Season Finale”

  1. Your wedding will be beautiful no matter what! Just set a date and make it happen! We were basically forced to with being from two countries and all– but i’m so glad we were! It was a beautiful, stress-free, easy wedding with lots of laughs. If you need any money-saving wedding advice, my mind is full! Wishing you a wonderful 2016! (The money-saving bullet point is on all of our lists, I think. 😉 )

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