Thank You

WordPress kindly notified me that I have been blogging here for one whole year!!! I have been absent of late but I’m hoping to change that.

I didn’t/don’t have a plan for That Extra Inch, I created my WordPress profile on a whim, I’m not a good writer I just had an urge to try new things, blogging being one of them.  I imagined it would become a random collection of my thoughts, things I’d done and things I love.   By complete coincidence my first post was the same time I randomly signed up for a half marathon, as a non-runner this was sure to be a challenge and so my posts quickly became a diary of my training, with a few other random posts.

My training was far from perfect as was my race but I was so proud when I crossed that finish line and I have That Extra Inch to thank for that. Posting my training good or bad every week kept me accountable, I mentioned before that I am usually a bit of a quitter.  More importantly helping with my progress was the feedback from readers, comments of encouragement, advice on issues I was having with running.  Comments from complete strangers who believed I could do it, who encouraged me and made me believe I could do it.

These comments and this positive blogging community are the reason I continued to blog, the reason I ran another half marathon 2 months later raising £1000 for charity and the reason I love running. THANK YOU!

Today I read my about page with the hope of updating it one year on.  However, I kept it the same because, well, not much has changed and because so many people commented on how they relate to not having a plan for their life and not meeting the social expectations of life, even my best friends can’t quite relate to me this way.  Finding like-minded people through blogging has been an amazing, added bonus.

To mark one year of the That Extra Inch I wanted to sign up for Alloa Half Marathon again but it turns out I will be away on race day for my sisters hen weekend. (thats a bachelorette, if you are not from these parts).

Instead I have some questions for you, in the hope that you can inspire me to continue to blog.

What are your favourite types of posts to read? 

What would you like me to post about?  

Anything you want to know about me?

Thank You to my followers, likers and commenters.  You really do make me smile.

I am still amazed that anyone even reads my posts but thanks for reading 🙂

Have a great weekend ❤

Angela xo






10 thoughts on “Thank You”

  1. Congrats on making to a year!! I too have questioned my blogging a few times and had a hard time deciding on direction. I think it’s okay to change and stray from your original intention because a lot happens in a year and it’s normal to change. If I’ve learned anything at all from blogging it’s that being authentically who you are is key. Write about what makes you tick, your ideas etc…inevitably there are others in the world who will relate, agree and want to follow and share your journey. I always enjoy your posts although I’m often late to the game nowadays! Continue to blog if it fuels your soul and don’t if it doesn’t. Simply as that 🙂 xo

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