Blogging.  FAIL

 Yeah, so I’ve been failing at blogging of late, even my Fit Friday’s have fallen by the way side the last couple of weeks, just the blogging, I have still been working out.  Honest!

I feel like I’ve been lacking time and the brain power to blog.  I think it’s the change in weather but probably not, that’s just as far as my effort at looking for an excuse goes.

I had promised to give you a little insight to my living situation and post ‘A Day in the Life – Living with the Parents’ but to be honest, it has been pretty dull and drama free recently.  Not that I’m complaining.  However my Mum did just inform me repeatedly that I make omelettes incorrectly whilst I was making an omelette for dinner.  I refrained from hitting her with the fish slice but other than that co-habiting has been pretty good.

I went to group PT earlier and was supposed to go do yoga after but I didn’t bother.   I’ve been so tired today as I was out on both Friday and Saturday nights, I haven’t done that for a long time!

On Friday I was out with my best friends and our partners.  We were celebrating 20 years of friendship.  Which makes me feel REALLY old. I wish I had a photo of us aged 12 that would be funny.

We went for a meal and some (too much) drinks at a fairly new 5star hotel in Stirling, Colessio.  The meal was so good.  A little pricey and pretty small portions, well they were perfectly sized for me as I usually can’t finish a meal but really not enough to feed Kevin who eats like Adam Richman in the Man vs Food days (yet he doesn’t ever gain weight, so unfair!)

I feel like I should probably have taken photos of my food but in all honesty I find that quite awkward, especially when in company.

We had such good fun I literally laughed all night.  I love that we are still such good friends after all this time.


Believe it or not Lynsay and I, (above) did not discuss outfit choices prior to meeting, but we did pose for a photo in the ladies room. No shame. Haha

On Saturday night, Kevin and I were  out for dinner again this time in Glasgow with my sister, Cheryl and brother-in-law, Gary.  I really wasn’t feeling like going out.  Feeling a little tender from the alcohol consumption the night before and also my Dad wasn’t feeling well so I felt a bit guilty leaving my Mum to look after him on her own, but she insisted she would be fine(he actually just slept the whole time anyway so it wasn’t too bad).

Once I was dressed and out I was fine we had another fantastic meal this time Italian at Piccolo Mondo on Argyle Street.  We’ve been before and really love it. Again no food pictures.  I really have a cheek to call myself a blogger.

I mean what kind of blogger can’t even take an outfit photo?! Haha

After dinner we went to a couple of bars for some drinks, danced with a street busker who thought he was Slash then headed home.

Yesterday I did NOTHING! Well almost nothing, I had a Lush bath, wore pyjamas all day, got an extra hour sleep thanks to the clocks changing and watched Harry Potter movies.  I freaking LOVE Harry Potter.

Kevin watched the Formula 1 Grand Prix.  He freaking LOVES race cars.  We really have nothing in common, but it works!!

Today I sent my 4 week progress photos to Fiona my trainer for our 12 week challenge (it was a week late because Fiona forgot…and we didn’t remind her. Deliberately).  Anyway I can honestly say my weekend habits are ruining this for me.  I’m a clean eater and gym bunny Monday-Friday then I always have something on at the weekend out for a meal or celebrating something or other.

When Kevin took my photos he said

‘Ang I think you might be a little bit bigger’

I think he was kidding. I hope he was kidding!  Eek!

I couldn’t see any difference but I didn’t really expect to with all the partying. I’m not sure I’ll ever share the progress photos…unless I’m drastically different and totally ripped by the end of the challenge.  Highly unlikely.  So I’m off alcohol until Christmas now.  Famous last words!!


zebra legs and fat burning -group PT


In other news I took a makeup course when I was off work last week.  My friend Lynsay was booked to do it as she had been thinking about becoming a makeup artist and I decided to join her, mostly just for fun.  I don’t really wear much makeup but have started to branch out and try new things so learning how to do it properly I felt would be a good way to start.

The course was at The Scottish Beauty School in Glasgow and on the drive there the first day Lynsay and I were like terrified kids on the first day of high school, by the end of the week we’d had a boost of confidence, got a shiny certificate and met some genuinely lovely people who we are now “Facebook friends” with, as you do!

Some people in the class were experienced makeup artists but needed up to date certificates for insurance, others were just like me.  Clueless.

Here are some of the looks I worked on. I’m no Kandee Johnson. Haha




Lynsay has now set up her own business and I could not be happier for her.  A month ago she was working as a nurse and really took a leap of faith and put her happiness and her family’s needs first to pursue something she truly loves.  I find this completely inspiring.  Maybe I should do something with it too? Hmm…

Anyway I just thought I would check  in with you and not leave my little interweb space looking like an abandoned town!

I’m off to watch an episode of Orange is the New Black (my current fave Netflix show) before bed.
I hope you are well, have a great week😊 thanks for reading ❤️

Angela xo

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