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Santorini Blues | My Summer, Part II

 **WARNING** photo heavy blog post!!

Part II of my summer was supposed to be my annual trip to Scotlands biggest music festival, T in the Park, however I returned from the boat trip with a really annoying chesty-cough and was forced to give up my ticket, for the first time since I was 17.  I just calculated how many years that actually is and now feel a little old. Ouch!

Thankfully I felt much better a few days later and was able to take a trip to Greece with my sister.

I once read that the Greeks joke, Santorini has ‘more churches than houses, more donkeys than people and more wine than water’.  Why wouldn’t you want to go there?

Travelling with my sister, Cheryl is an experience on its own, she has a nack of getting into ridiculous situations. Our last trip together we ended up at the wrong airport. I will save that story for the book I will one day fill with her hilarious mishaps. However I’m pleased to confirm our trip to Greece was plain sailing, well flying!


when you’re 4ft11 and they offer extra leg room…YES!


cloud 9?

We stayed in Perissa as it was cheaper than the more popular towns of Fira and Oia and most importantly it was near the beach. I can’t explain how much I love to be near the ocean.

Cheryl is somewhat a sun worshipper  where I am more of an SPF 50+ fiend who gets rather antsy just lying around doing nothing,  while Cheryl sunbathed I’d spend my beach days people watching, floating around in the sea, taking far too many shameless selfies. walking along the beach and indulging of course on a few mojitos.  Perfect.

channelling my inner mermaid

Perissa may be a budget friendly destination to stay in Santorini but for us it was the perfect base, just as beautiful as the postcard
perfect towns and (in my opinion)it’s where  you’ll find the best food on the island. 

We took a hike on Mesa Vouna and made it to Penagia Katefiani (a tiny chapel in the mountain) but abandoned the hike all the way up to the ancient ruins as it was really windy and I got scared.


can you see the building half way up, we’re heading there!


what a hike…to church


what a view from church

While in Santorini  I celebrated my birthday, I’m 32 but in the words of Miss T Swift…”I’m feeling 22″
On my birthday we took a trip to Oia and Fira.Both towns more breathtakingly beautiful than I ever imagined.


In Love

We had planned to explore Oia in the morning, moving on to Fira -afternoon till evening.

However two cruise ships had docked in the caldera for the day so both towns were very busy, making it difficult to navigate through the labyrinth of pretty little streets. It was difficult to take photos without having a group of other tourists in them and even more difficult to avoid ending up in someone else’s holiday album.  I lost count how many times I was (accidentally) poked with selfie sticks and slapped on the head with iPads. When it all got a bit too hectic we headed for some birthday.. ice cream.  Ice cream over cake always.

Took some more snaps ….


…before heading to Fira where we had a wander around in complete awe at more amazing views, we opted out of attempting to get down to the port and headed to a cocktail bar with a view for some birthday drinks.



The owners of our hotel were so lovely we often had a drink and chatted with them at the bar before we went to bed.  On our last night they took us to Santo Winery where they said we’d have the perfect setting to watch the sunset. They weren’t lying. It was simply stunning.


On the way back to the hotel they took us to see the village that they live in out of holiday season. The beautiful and traditional town of Megalochori. I completely fell in love with its charm.

 And so our short trip was over we returned home, to miserable weather with a huge dose of Santorini Blues 😦

Thanks for reading 😊 Happy Friday, have a fabulous weekend ❤️

Angela x

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  1. I absolutely love Greece! I took a 19 day trip there back in 2009 with two of my best friends and we had an absolute blast! We went around to a couple of the islands and some areas on the mainland and I would LOVE to go back!

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