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I just want to run….and breathe

It’s been 6 weeks since I last ran and 4 weeks since I last went to the gym, it’s official…I am a bum!!

Okay here come the excuses.  Around 6 weeks ago I picked up a nasty cold/fever.  The ‘office lurgy’ we like to call it.  As soon as one of the girls has a sniffle you just know it’s just a matter of time before your hugging the Kleenex and sipping lemsip cursing the colleague you share a phone with.  I tried to sweat it out and continue going to the gym but it just got worse and then became a chest infection which isn’t good when you are also asthmatic (or believe you are!!!)

After 2 whole weeks of ‘the lurgy’ feeling almost human again, I decided to go back to a Group PT session but realised I used up my inhaler with all wheezing, coughing and lack of breathing the weeks before.  I don’t have to use my inhaler very often when I’ve been working out or running but I like too have it with me.  Better safe than sorry, right!


summer essentials!

I called the surgery for a repeat prescription, the receptionist said the doctor wanted to see me first?!? Unusual.  I haven’t actually seen a doctor for 5 years so thought it might be just a check up,  she’d just write me a prescription and I could get back to my burpees (FYI iPad auto correct changed  burpees to burgers, how ironic).

Firstly, my appointment was at 4.15 but I wasn’t seen until 4.55 so I missed my training session.

Secondly, the doctor told me I didn’t have asthma and she can’t give me drugs I don’t need.   She’s been my doctor for as far as I can remember and quite possibly diagnosed my asthma when I was 6 months old.

” I can see that your breathing affects you most when you have allergies, a cold, excercise or change in temperature, you just have very sensitive airways and once the last of that chest infection goes your breathing will be back to normal. ”

I left her office a little confused. Okay, I haven’t had a bad asthma attack for a few years but I’ve used my inhaler, especially during the summer.

Kevin suggested I see a different doctor for a second opinion.

Can you tell if someone has asthma unless they have an asthma attack infront of you?!

I was going on holiday the next day so didn’t have time anyway.

I spent the next week on a canal boat (long post to follow) which meant I was outside in the Great British countryside for a whole week.  HELLO ALLERGIES!! As soon as the hayfever symptoms started I also began to struggle breathing, it was bearable during the day but at night I struggled and barely slept for the whole trip.  When I did sleep Kevin would wake me because he thought I was choking.

When I got home I made an appointment with the other doctor in my practice. However he was called out to an emergency whilst I was in the waiting area and my appointment was changed to the original doctor.  Just my luck!

I explained to her I was still having difficulty breathing, she advised me it was just my sensitive airways, irritated with my hayfever and prescribed me a stronger anti-histamine, she noticed my eczema flare up on my arms and seemed more concerned with that even though I told her it was fine and was clearing up since the hayfever had died down again, but she prescribed me some gel for that too?!?

I told her I was actually more concerned about my breathing and without an inhaler what can I do to help it.

‘The best thing you can do is avoid all allergens!’

Obvious advise doctor lady, however my allergens are invisible and float around in the air!?! WTF!?

I tried to run to my sisters yesterday, but 1 mile in I needed my non excistant inhaler and had to walk home.

Currently waiting on an appointment with another doctor….

Have you ever had problems with a doctor? Do you suffer with allergies in the summer?

Hope you are having a great day❤️

Angela xo


7 thoughts on “I just want to run….and breathe

  1. Avoid all allergens? Geez. I hope you get to see another doctor and get some relief. Being sick majorly sucks and so does asthma. Even if that’s not what you really have you need a doc who will help you find out what’s wrong because clearly if you keep going back, something is wrong and that doc doesn’t see it. I hope you’re able to get some relief soon and get back to running and the gym!

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  2. Even if you don’t have asthma, just prescribe the dang inhaler! We prescribe inhalers for adults with bronchitis all the time. My friend has an inhaler for allergies. I mean, just appease you! There’s nothing wrong with some albuterol! How frustrating! I’d find a new PCP practice entirely!

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    1. Exactly, the same doctor prescribed my sister with an inhaler when she had a chest infection in the winter and she’s never been told she had asthma! She said there is no point in me having one just to pacify myself! Going to a new doctor tomorrow.. Ironically I feel a lot better now!


  3. I think the question for me is have I ever NOT had problems with doctors. I hate going because they never leave me happy. One of the reasons I switched to a naturopath, still a doctor of course, but a different type of approach.

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    1. Really, that’s interesting! I’ve always just taken for granted that they are right and their intention is always to help never thinking to question them. I guess (with age) I’ve realised for some it’s just a job like any other and that no-one knows your own body better than you do!


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