First Time (update)

You may remember my ‘First Time’ post. I started that post off by stating my shock that we were quarter way through the year.  Well we’re now half way through 2015!!!! What!?! ..FYI, you know you are old when you feel like time flies by. Yes I am old.

Since that particular post I’ve been trying to make an effort to try new things, nothing life-changing but more to just move out my comfort zone, visit new places or try out new restaurants.  So I thought I’d share a few of those things from the last 3 months…

My first ever spa day
: Blythswood Square Spa, Glasgow

    I almost fell asleep in here I was so relaxed!

  Photos courtesy of Blythswood Square.   I  know I would have dropped my phone in the pool if I’d attempted taking any pics.  Sorry no bikini shots here 😉

The Thermal Experience is basically a sequence of heated rooms, saunas, ice showers, pools and jacuzzis! Ultimate chill out!

We also had the most relaxing facials.  Ever.

…and obviously no girly day is complete without cocktails 😉

Someone tell me why I’ve never had a spa day before???? Can’t wait to do this again!

Joining in with the family: Pony Trekking

Ok, first let me explain.  My Grandfather was a farmer, my Dad grew up on a farm and my sisters and I spent most of our weekends on the family farm, playing with kittens, feeding hens, riding horses, running in the fields it was magical…for my sisters.  However for me it was asthma attacks, itching and my face swelling up like I’d been 12 rounds with Mike Tyson…I’m the girl who is allergic to EVERYTHING so I couldn’t join in with all the fun!  Thankfully the allergies have died down a bit over the years so with a slight overdose of anti-histamine I decided to join my sister for a trek.  I know, I’m really living life on the edge these days. Ha


  We had such good fun and I survived, so I might give it a try again….might!

My new favourite workout
: Boxing

One of the Instructors in my gym invited my friend Kirsten and I along to a training session she was taking in a local boxing gym. We both love trying new workouts and hadn’t done any boxing training before.  It was a combination of some pad work, punching bags, weight training and core work.  It was so tough but such a good workout.  Loved it!

Facing fears: Go Ape,  Peebles

I’m only 4ft11, so this wasn’t just moving out the comfort zone this was facing fears.  Told you I was living life on the edge!! Go Ape is basically a zip wire assault course in the tree tops.  I was so proud of myself for completing it, even although I had a few ropey moments where I freaked out!

  I needed a moment….to pray!! 
I kept getting myself tangled, oops!
  Danger zone or comfort zone…you decide?

New favourite restaurant: Orrocco Pier, South Queensferry

I also had a lunch date with my Mum and found a restaurant with a great view and even better seafood.
  We got lucky it was a gorgeous sunny day.

There was also my Edinburgh Half Marathon in there somewhere too but I’m sure I’ll have a few more of those to bore you with in the future 😉

Have you tried anything new recently? Found a new hobby or restaurant you love?
Thanks for reading❤️ have a great day 😊

Angela xo

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