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The Sunday Run (2nd edition)

14 days..

I started the week off pretty good although I was a bit choked up with a cold but I was feeling pretty motivated.

Monday – 8 miles.   I wasn’t far off my usual pace so I felt good that I hadn’t lost too much with my knee recovery and hoped I’d sweat out this cold.  No knee pain during or after. Bonus.

Tuesday – 3 miles.  Another pretty good run and again no pain. Goodbye runners knee!! *touches wood*

Wednesday – 3 miles. I struggled a little breathing as my cold seems to be going to my chest and my nose was running like a stream…gross, sorry!


(google images)


– 3.5 miles. I ran with Kevin and I struggled from 0.5miles onward, I contemplated quitting and just heading back home but kept going with a run/walk method, it was tough I struggled breathing and kept getting a side stitch. Not a good run at all.


You cant quit when you wear Nike! #justdoit

Friday – rest

Saturday – rest

SUNDAY – 4 miles. Kevin ran with me as I have a bit of a chesty cough And he was concerned I might have an asthma attack( that’s true love right there, ha) I managed to run most of the way…stopped to tie my shoe lace and had a cheeky 15 second walk (Kev didn’t notice!) I was a bit slower than usual but still a million times better than Thursday!

Tonight I’m having a HOT bath, a hot honey and lemon drink and an early bed in attempt to shift this cold.  If not I guess I just gotta man up and get on with it.  I have some serious training to catch up with!!

Starting to panic and feeling sorry for myself.  Here’s hoping for a better week of running!

Thanks for reading 😊 have a great week 💗

Angela xo

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