Under Pressure

On Saturday my race number arrived with the post

I have just under 3 weeks before I tackle Edinburgh Half Marathon, my training so far has been hindered with runners knee and I am currently suffering flu like symptoms and willing myself not to get sick.  I’m feeling sorry for myself, majorly!!

I wish I could just blitz the training in the next 3 weeks but my knee still isn’t 100% and seems to need sufficient rest time after each run.  I managed a slow 8 miler on Sunday (the longest I’ve managed in well over a month) with little pain, so hopefully I can get some good long runs in before the half.

I’m feeling extra pressure this time round for two reasons.

Firstly I’m raising money for charity.  I wanted to this last time but I didn’t believe I’d manage the 13.1miles and didn’t want to let anyone down.  Since gaining the confidence of completing a half already I decided I may aswell do it this time for a good cause.  Just my luck to be injured.

Secondly, I want a PB!!!! My goal for Alloa was basically to cross the finish line still breathing, FYI that sounds far easier than it is.  This time I want to beat that 2:15:29 ideally I’d have loved a sub 2hr but with so little training I really can’t see that happening.

Can I add a thirdly? I don’t want to fall over this time.  I’d like to finish with no holes in my clothes or my skin.

I’m easing myself back into training this week if my knee will let me and will bring back my Sunday Run posts as they helped keep me motivated last time.  3 WEEKS….EEEK!!

Kevin and I are running for Yorkhill Children’s Charity, specifically for the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research Team at the hospital.

Our friends little boy spent the majority of last year in Yorkhill Children’s Hospital in Glasgow being treated for Leukaemia and we feel so blessed that with the treatment available his Leukaemia is now in remission.  It was a very tough year and we hope our funds raised will help other children like our little superstar Logan.

This is a cause very close to our hearts and if you’d like to help you can donate here.

Are you training for anything at the moment?

Thanks for reading ❤ Have a great day 🙂

Angela xo

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