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I should have stayed in bed…

Firstly a ‘Runners Knee’ update: My physio advised that my runners knee could have resulted from my quads and glutes weakening after stopping working out to concentrate on running.  I’ve started working out regularly again and done a few short runs this week, all pain free. Yippee!

 As of Monday I have been going to 6.30am group PT sessions with friend. I’m fine in the morning once I’m up but the initial getting up is always a battle between alarm clock and my silk pillowcase (I’m told it helps prevent wrinkles) so adjusting from an 8am rise to a 6am rise was always going to take some getting used to..

Day 1 – I wasn’t sure whether to eat before working out. I always used to work out after work! I didn’t give myself enough time to have a proper breakfast and let it settle before, so after much mental debating I opted for 1/2 banana.  Evidently, it was NOT enough. I almost passed out 30minutes in. Slightly embarrassing!

Day 2 – All went well, I had a great workout.  I went to shower before heading to work and realised I’d forgotten my towel, there was no way I could go to work without showering, so I had to improvise and dry myself with my hoodie. Luckily no one witnessed this. Still embarassing.

Day 3 – Another fab workout.  Remembered my towel *high five* .  However whilst half dressed in a busy changing area I realised I’d forgotten my bra *blushes*  I side stepped from the communal dressing area into a cubicle and put my sweaty sports bra BACK ON *yuck*.  Black tights, shift dress, neon (sweaty) sports bra and .. What  oh Wait… F*ck NO shoes either!!!! Oh well sweaty gym shoes it is!

What an outfit, bet you can’t wait to rock that look in the office.  Passing the cafe whilst making a sharp exit from the gym I decided to buy a coffee (coffee fixes everything, right) and a delicious looking crayfish and avocado salad (as I’d also forgotten to pack lunch).  I got outside and NEEDED a big gulp of my coffee… Only the lid wasn’t on properly and the majority of it went down my jacket and over my freshly washed and straightened hair during all the panic I dropped my salad #crayfishcarnage. FUCK!!

I got into my car and laugh/cried all the way to work.  Thankfully all was not lost I did find some black ankle boots in the back of the car, even if they were far too high to wear for 9 hours, they were better than my gym shoes.  All this in one day AND before 8am. Mornings aren’t for me!

Today I decided to stay in bed and workout after work tonight, maybe by then my brain will have had enough time to function properly…

Are you a morning person?

Thanks for reading 🙂 have a great day ❤

Angela xo

7 thoughts on “I should have stayed in bed…”

  1. I have days like that. Where EVERYTHING has to go wrong… I like working out in the mornings but I work at 7am, so not on work days! Why not set all your stuff out the night before so you just have to grab it and go?

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    1. Yeah I had my stuff ready on the Monday as I was worried I might sleep through my alarm. I’ll give it a go again next week, organisation has never been my strong point!!!


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