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No Pain, No Gain…or so they say

Previously on That Extra Inch:  Angela felt the need to torture herself some more and signed up to run Edinburgh Half Marathon. Dun dun dun…

Since Alloa Half, I had done very little running maybe 3 or 4 runs. Runs with no goals, no pace in mind, no set mileage, no Garmin or Map my Run just running until I’d had enough.  No routine. Running free.  It was good.

Last Wednesday,  Edinburgh Half Marathon training commenced.

It’s about 4miles from my house to my sisters house.  I decided to start my training with that, a run I’ve done several times.  From go, I started to feel a little discomfort in my right knee, I couldn’t run on the road as it was pretty busy with traffic and the surface I was running was banked and higher at my right side so I thought it must be that.  Although I haven’t noticed that bother me before.  Mile 2 was painful I decided to walk, it eased off a little so I picked up the pace a gain it wasn’t as painful but definitely not 100%.

The next day, Thursday, my knee was fine, until I was walking downstairs I’d get a pain with every step. No running.

I don’t understand, I’ve never had pain running before, I’ve ran much faster and much further before with no pain?!

By Friday it was totally fine again!? My sister and I had signed up to Parkrun, her friend is an organiser for one in Glasgow so we decided to join him on Saturday.  Knowing we were doing this I rested again on Friday to just to make sure I’d be okay for the next day.

On Saturday morning we headed off to the ParkRun.  A timed 5k, with a lovely group of runners of all abilities and cake at the end…who could refuse that?

I decided to take it easy on the old knee and run along with Cheryl who is a bit slower than me, not bragging…okay maybe bragging a little…..#siblingrivalry.  However the sun was shining, the park was gorgeous AND there was actual CAKE at the finish line so I picked up the pace and left Cheryl choking on my dust. Ha. Joke, there was no dust it was a Tarmac pathway.

Mile 1, the knee pain returned. This time sharp pain almost every stride and I could pinpoint it to the outside of my knee, I kept running, albeit very slowly.  It was a very hilly run and the downhill parts were particularly painful.  However it gradually began to subside, not sure if it was actually being relieved or the thought of CAKE was simply overpowering it.

I slowly jogged on to the finish line, definitely not breaking any records [28:41] and tried to stretch it out before devouring the tastiest chocolate brownie in the world!!!


post run selfie


Cheryl and I went for lunch with some friends in the afternoon, my knee was niggling a little but not painful as such.

I rested until Monday and by then it was totally fine again.  On Monday Cheryl and I planned 4miles again I started off well then the pain kicked in with every stride this time and much more painful than before, again even more so when running downhill. Walking, it was worse so I ended up hobble-jogging (it’s a thing) back to the house.

That was on Monday, I haven’t been for a run since.  I’m fine when walking I’m still feeling it going downstairs. I am currently swithering whether to continue resting or do today’s Parkrun?!  I have a half marathon to run in 6 weeks. Help!!

I have been advised by fellow runners that it sounds like runners knee, iliotibal band syndrome which I googled* and agree. I think. Although if it is I’m not sure why I haven’t suffered it before now?  I’m all for the the motto No Pain, No Gain, I find that pain you feel after a good workout hugely satisfying, I even find the pain of not having wine to benefit my bikini, bearable (sometimes) however this I really don’t like.  I just want to go for a run!!!

*Sidenote: I would not recommend googling symptoms it worked out okay this time but I once convinced myself I had serious illness when in fact I had a migraine!

Have you experienced this?  Any advice?

Thanks for reading 🙂

Happy Saturday, have a great weekend ❤

Angela xo

4 thoughts on “No Pain, No Gain…or so they say”

  1. Yeah it does sound like runners knee, which sucks! I got it when I upped my mileage before an Ultra. I recommend just resting for a few weeks, not ideal I know with an event coming up.

    It probably only just occured because you dropped your mileage for a while then went back into distances you were used to in training. Just a guess.

    Hope it heals up, and don’t be scarred to speak to a physio!

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