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Reunited, Fast Cars and lots of Chocolate

Since I work for Scrooge McScroogerson I had to work Good Friday and on Easter Monday.  Which meant while everyone was enjoying family time and our glorious change in weather I was stuck at a desk.  Did that work? Do you feel sorry for me? Ha. It’s not all bad we do get the holiday back so we can use them whenever we want AND I still had a fab weekend…

I had intended doing an Easter weekend recap but I’m late for EVERYTHING and it would appear it is the weekend again!!! So instead I’ll just round up my week as I had lots to smile about..

•My sister Donna, returned from India, making Good Friday really live up to its name.

She sent me this while she was away. Selfie with Ghandi


I missed her loads, sounds sad but my sisters are also my best friends.  I spent the day on Saturday catching up with her.  We even squeezed in a cheeky Nandos for dinner, YUM!

Medium chicken, quinoa and. avocado salad. I usually go for Lemon&Herb or Mango&Lime flavour but I was feeling spicy. Haha


even the medium was pretty HOT!!



•Stevie McCrorie won The Voice UK.  A lot of my friends went to school with him, I have met him and he seems like a genuinely nice guy.  I was so happy he won! I may have secretly voted for him more than once (he’s Scottish, it’s an unwritten rule that we support each other ;)… Although I did think he deserved to win)

•Kevin had his first race of the season, well, first non-running race.

Much to my dismay, Kevin races in the Scottish Fiesta ST Championship.  I’m not big on cars, even less on racing them but I go to support him as it is passion


Team HQ


Racing was almost cancelled as it was VERY foggy, around lunchtime the sun came out and we had a beautiful Easter Sunday


Not quite as glamorous as Formula 1…but plenty of bubbles 😉








(Action shot to be added HERE)

I wish I had an action shot but I genuinely have my eyes closed the whole time he is on the track. I.  Can’t.  Watch!

Turns out he done amazing and scooped up two podium positions: 2nd in the first race and a 3rd in the second race.  He only started racing midway through last season so although he has raced he is still somewhat a Rookie, I’m so proud of him and as much as it terrifies me I do love seeing him thrive.


Afterwards we went out for a family meal to celebrate Easter and having little sis back. I wish I could do food or restaurant reviews but the truth is I love ALL food so if they serve anything edible they’d get 5stars from me 🙂  it was delicious though!!

Here’s what I ate..

mozzarella croquets with chilli jam


chicken in creamy wild mushroom sauce on a bed of mash potato, topped with cabbage fries


vanilla cheescake with with wild berries….my fave 😉


And In between all of that I stuffed my face with these…


I’d like to cut sugar out my diet completely one day but for now I dont know if i could cope with that kind of commiitment. My name is Angela and I am a chocaholic.



My health and fitness motivation has been practically ZERO for the last 2weeks. So BAD!

Game Face returned today as I’ve just signed up for yet another half.  Just the kick up the butt I needed.

This is not my Game Face, this is. my ‘selfies are awkward and are my thighs really that big’ face



The gorgeous sunshine has stayed with us since Sunday so I’m looking forward to ditching the ‘dreadmill’ this time. I’ve been a couple of short runs this week and I just signed up for Parkrun so stay tuned as training posts will return shortly. Eeeek!

Random happiness…racially diverse emoji’s.



What has made you happy this week? 

Thanks for reading 🙂

Happy Friday, have a fantastic weekend ❤

Angela xo

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