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Turning 30

Age is an issue of mind over matter, if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter – Mark Twain
Tomorrow night I’m going to a 30th Birthday Party, the guest of honour is the last of my girlfriends to join the 30 club.
Turning Thirty always seems to get pretty bad PR.
As you can see I’ve been there, done that and happily wore the T-shirt
Therefore I thought I’d take this opportunity to attempt to remove 30’s bad rep and help anyone who may be suffering from ‘the 30 fear’.
Those photos that make you… cringe , tend to haunt you on your 30th!
I specifically remember a  dinner date with my High School besties (affectionately known as The Yummy Mummy’s) the year of but a few months before any of our actual birthdays.
Our usual childish, nonsensical chit chat had somehow diverted to something which no-one seemed capable of saying out loud.
Lynsay called it her “Big Three Ohhh” but whispered every time she said it like she was saying a dirty word in public.  Kim referred to it as her 21+9 and Lyndsay well she claimed it as her 5th 25th.
We were all fast approaching the Voldemort of birthdays but I couldn’t quite understand ‘The Fear’.  These incredible ladies had already given birth 5 times between them at this point, yet here they were freaking out about having a 3 at the start of their age!
Kim was shocked when I announced I was really excited about it and proceeded to show me what happens if you type Turning 30 into Google..
Lists, lists and more lists of things to do BEFORE you turn 30
Visit Austrailia
Get married
Bungee Jump/Skydive
Have a baby
Clubbing in Ibiza
Swim with dolphins….to name a few.
But you can still do all of that after you turn 30??! 
She didn’t share my optimism  “Have a look at this then!” she pulled out a glossy magazine, the centre-fold filled with outfits a stylist had pulled together for Day, Office and Night and had categorised them into 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.
Apparently we should be wearing longer skirts, higher necklines and more muted colours.
My thoughts on that?
Well at age 29 I wouldn’t have been seen dead wearing what I would have happily worn at age 21, we are constantly maturing it doesn’t just happen overnight as you enter a new decade.
Besides if you feel a million dollars in that hot pink, cut-out bodycon dress and 5inch heels then you by all means you should rock that look girl!! 
Now, I’m not sure whether it was my
positive vibes or the fact that I reminded them that they were all far closer to the ‘by 30’ life goals than I was but we all left the restaurant excited for a year of partying, champagne and birthday cake!
Anyone for bubbles?
Anyone for bubbles?
I want to keep this light hearted so I won’t go into the details but we almost lost my Dad not long before his 30th birthday.  I was 8years old,  I remember the family all being so happy and making a huge effort to celebrate his birthday with us. 
I also remember my 8 year old self thinking… 30 whoooah my Dad is bloody ANCIENT, I’m pretty sure he had a pet Dinosaur!  
At that time I imagined being 30…
I’d be married to Bruce Wayne, Hello?!. he is super rich and a superhero Win, Win, we’d have 6 kids, 3 boys, 3 girls and we’d all live in a pink beach house with 4 levels and a lift in Malibu, next door to Barbie 😉 I can now confirm that didn’t happen. Go figure! 
future hubby
My life goals changed numerous times after that (turns out Barbie isn’t real and Batman, well, he’s pretty difficult to get a hold of) some plans went right, some things didn’t turn out as expected and at 29 I found myself nowhere near where I planned, dreamed or imagined I would be however I was the happiest if ever been.
Around the same time I noticed my friends who had all raced to have life figured out, get the career, the marriage and babies all squeezed in before turning 30, were just as lost in life as I was, just as happy, some not happy at all and all of them were a hell of a lot more tired. HaHa jokes*
My Pearls of Wisdom
Your goals in life will change, your circumstances may well change, don’t panic if you haven’t quite figured it all out yet.
You’re really not old at all.  It’s ok to love the likes of One Direction,Taylor Swift and Harry Potter and if it isn’t ok.. Well you’re 30 now so you really don’t really care!
Every birthday is a blessing, Someone somewhere is praying to reach another one, always remember that.
It’s a milestone birthday which means extra presents 🙂
Ignore every to do list you ever read regarding turning 30. It’s complete bullsh*t, bucket lists can be worked on post 30.
**sidenote* I have actually found ONE thing so far that I can’t do now that I’m 30.  Join the bone marrow donor register.  This something I really regret not looking into before. If saving someone’s life is on your bucket list this could well be the answer, check it out here
Wear what you love. I for one am not in any rush giving up my beloved heels ❤
You’re never going to be annoyed at being asked for proof of age ever again 😉
Turning 30 is awesome!!!
What did I do to mark my 30th?
I got a bunch of my favourite people
and partied in Las Vegas
made some amazing memories
and sufficiently hydrated of course 😉

Whether it’s not having achieved goals, feeling old and uncool or that damn biological clock forget about it smile, fake smile if you must and enjoy your day!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Have a fabulous weekend<3

(a not-so-old)Angela XO

3 thoughts on “Turning 30”

  1. 30 is a great age and a fabulous reason to party!! Enjoy celebrating and tell your friends to chill out, it’s just a number 🙂 My thirties have been the best decade of my life so far and I’m 6.5 yrs in so I’m pretty confident it only gets better!!


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