It’s a Superpower

*WARNING* Things may or may not get a little intense up in here today!

It’s Valentine’s Day!

I’ll be honest I’ve never really been into Valentines or come to think of it that whole dating thing either.
I’m shy, awkward and very clumsy in uncomfortable situations so first dates usually end in disaster.
When I say disaster I don’t mean lipstick on my teeth or spilling red wine on my white shirt.
Nope I go all out disasterous. I’m the girl who gets her heel caught getting out (not so gracefully) of her dates car, falling out of the car, knocking herself out and waking up in an ambulance.
Oh god I’m cringing just typing this!
Needless to say he never called back!!
I could write you a whole blog post, or maybe two on my dating disasters alone but I’m too embarrassed to relive them all again.

Ironically, my first date with my fiancé was exactly 7 years ago today.
I know, I know, I just said I’ve never been big on valentines or dating.
I’ll eat my words later along with the chocolates he bought me and wash them down with the champagne he left on the bedside table this morning before he left for work 😉

As I was explaining, dating and romance I’m definately no professional but LOVE is something I am passionate about.

For me love is what makes the world go round, well obviously I know not physically, but you know..

Some people, my friends included think that I’m so clichè, unrealistic or just plain cringeworthy.
Ha, I’m a love geek!
I strongly believe that Love is the most important thing in life.

Society can try to divide us in many different ways but I believe LOVE breaks all the barriers of wealth, race, religious beliefs, sexuality, language and culture. Love connects us all.

Love keeps us connected to the people we’ve lost through our memories and heartache shows just how powerful love is.

I believe that loving someone and being loved is what gives us the strength to fight through the toughest of times.

Love is the drive that forces people to succeed in their career, whether it be a love to reach goals or a love for their chosen career.

Love is everywhere from the love between a parent and child, a believers love of God to the love a girl has for shoes…we all have that right ladies?
No matter how great or small, it’s love.

I guess what I’m really trying to say but as usual I’m blabbering, is that today doesn’t have to be about going on the perfect date, having a lover or about your relationship with partner. Yes, today is for single people too!

Make today (and everyday) about spreading love in general, because the world always needs more of that.

Simply say ‘I LOVE YOU’ to whoever and whatever you feel like, your sister/brother, grandparent, bestfriend your cat or even your favourite shoes but most importantly to YOURSELF.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Now go have a listen to my favourite song for today.
I sure LOVE Beyoncè ❤

Happy Valentines Day ❤ Much Love

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