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Back on Track

Three cheers for surviving the first week back at work and the gym!

Three pats on the back for getting through it without any champagne, cheese or…. okay maybe a tiny bit of chocolate.

Time to get back on track…

Monday morning was a full blown struggle, it was cold, dark and raining. All the ingredients for a perfect duvet day.
The return to work was not too bad, time flew by with sharing our stories of the festivities and of course showing off my engagement ring 😉
After work I went to a circuits class which was, even at only 50% effort, a complete killer. The holiday weight gain was more than apparent.
45mins circuit class

Second day back at work and it felt like we’d never been on holiday.
After work I went for a run with my sister as the gym was packed and all the classes were full.. January problems.
Our run was cut short due to weather but I was excited to finally try out my new toy from Santa.
15mins running (1.6miles)


I took my first BodyPump class in 8 months. OUCH! Im still undecided on whether I’ll make this a weekly thing.
60mins BodyPump


I managed to squeeze my way into the gym and sneak on a treadmill that a friend was just finishing on!
After running I done some core work before two of my friends met me for a swim. I’m not sure if I mentioned before, I am a very weak swimmer, something I want to work on this year. The girls were practically doing three lengths to my pathetic one.
30mins running (3mile)
22 lengths (25m pool)

So tired!

I really wanted to run outdoors but the weather disagreed. Strong winds and little people are not a good combination!
Instead I headed back to the gym for some more bonding with the treadmill, again followed by some core work.
30 mins running (3 miles)

Not so busy on a Saturday afternoon. I think the key in the January rush is to avoid peak times…


I’ve no excuses I was just plain lazy.

January Fitness goals
• Run longer distances
My first half marathon is 9 weeks away , I’m hoping to be able to run at least 6miles by the end of the month.

• Lose 5lb
I had gradually gained weight all year then some more over the holidays my goal weight would require losing 15lb but by the end of January ill be happy if I manage 5lb

Are you trying to achieve any fitness goals?

Thanks for reading, have a great week ❤

Angela xo


13 thoughts on “Back on Track

  1. I find it so motivating to see weekly workouts and pictures from other people. I agree about the extra Christmas weight plus some residual pounds from the year in general! I also cracked down again. Boy is the first week hard! I am currently training for a half marathon at the end of March. I will definitely come back for inspiration!

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