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New Year, New Title?!

Well, after writing the most depressing blog post in history (apologies for that) declaring how rubbish 2014 had been the Mr decided to end the year with a ‘POP’.

That’s right, he popped the question on New Years Eve at the restaurant we had our first ever date.. I may have, had to be reminded of that but in my defence it was 7 years ago!!

Oh, I said “YES” did I say that already?!


It was all a bit crazy as after the meal and marriage proposal we were heading straight to a New Years Eve Party, where lots of champagne bottles were popped.. We celebrated hard and ended a pretty sh*t year on Cloud 9.
He genuinely could not have picked a better time! Love ❤

I wish I could share some fabulous party pictures or even a ‘newly engaged’ photo however
a) I forgot to put the memory card in my camera.Doh!
b) I was too busy dancing and celebrating to stop for a photo shoot.

I have one photo of the whole night. One very terrible, horrific lighting and photo-bomber included photo of us with our friends (we’re in the middle- little and large)


It’s been 6 days and I’m still getting used to wearing the ring, I keep looking at it 50% admiration and 50% making sure I haven’t lost it!
I’m loving being called fiancée, because it sounds like Beyoncé and well she’s just bloody fabulous isn’t she?… Just call me Beyoncé *wink*.
Oh gosh, I really do talk some drivel when I get going!!!


In other news the festivities are over, does anyone else feel extreme sadness when ripping down the Christmas tree? There were tears but the remaining chocolate Santas softened the blow, ever so slightly.


I returned to work and the gym yesterday, I had to be dragged out of bed and piled into the car but I managed to get through the day. Just.

2 weeks of eating everything in sight and overindulging on the good old champers has left me unfit, chubby and generally just disgusted with myself.
I’ll be sure to update you regularly on my punishment!


How are you coping with returning to normality after the holidays?

Are you also paying the price of overindulgence?

Have a great week, thanks for reading ❤

Angela xo

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