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2014 – Season Finale

A lot of people think of New Year as a blank page, a clean start or a window to a new you. Trust me, next week I won’t be able to move in the gym for all the new year, new me health kickers, grrrr.
For me, New Years resolutions are going well if I still remember what they are by the time February comes around.

So rather than force unreachable and off-putting goals on myself I thought I’d just note a few things I’d like to work on in 2015.

Drink More Water… and maybe less wine… maybe.

Learn Something New – perhaps a photography course or a new language. Undecided but looking.

Be More Organised – I’m always trying to work on this.

Okay that’ll do! I don’t want to overdo it, ha!

Are you good at sticking to resolutions?

Have you made any this year?

I’ve been a little emotional thinking about saying good riddance goodbye to 2014. This year has not been kind to a lot of my friends and it only emphasised, for me, that watching people you love, hurting and not being able to take the pain away is the hardest thing. Ever.

If this year has taught me anything it’s how precious life is and to never take anything for granted.

I send wishes of happiness in 2015 to everyone but also a few special ones too..

To my brave little Logan who at just 8 years old fought Leukemia like a Jedi Knight – MY HERO

To our dear friends and Logan’s parents, Martin and Cheryl your strength over the last year has amazed and inspired me.

To one of my best friends Lynsay, this year blessed you with a beautiful new baby girl and cruelly took your wonderful dad, life has cheated you of both parents yet you continue to be the best mother, wife, sister and best friend I know. I love you dearly.

To Kevin and to my family who wipe the tears and share the smiles.

I have a feeling next year we will be reminiscing over all the HAPPY memories we will make in 2015.

Thanks for reading!

I wish you all the very best HEALTH, LOVE and HAPPINESS for 2015!

I’m off to be merry and dance the night away, sing Auld Lang Syne and drink far too much Champagne like the rest of my fellow Scots. Cheers!
Happy Hogmanay!!

Angela xo


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