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12 Faves of Christmas

Before I begin I will admit, I am avoiding talking about running this week for two reasons..

1. The only running I’ve done in the last week is a 2 mile dreadmill run. I’m not going to even bother with excuses.

2. I am starting to panic every time I think about the half marathon. I’m trying to avoid thinking about it till after the festive period, then having a complete freak out!!

Instead I’ll talk about something that makes me happy excited hysterical… CHRISTMAS!
I love anything Christmas related, I am one of those people who get so over excited I even annoy myself. I am a 5 year old in 31 year old body!!

I love little things that begin to appear reminding you that Christmas is on its way.. the Starbucks festive drinks complimented with the infamous red cups, the neighbours competing with the bright lights of Las Vegas, the Coca-Cola truck and the boyfriend constantly asking what I would like for Christmas-which obviously he should know!

Without further a do here are my 12 faves of Christmas

Christmas Movies
It’s an annual battle between Elf and Home Alone, I’m pretty sure I could play a part in the latter. ‘You guys give up or us thirsty for more?’


Finding the perfect gift, wrapping it (yes I love wrapping) and seeing someone smile when they open your gift.. Perfect.


Decorating the tree
I may eat more chocolate Santas than I hang on the tree, I may need a ladder to reach the top, I may end up tangled in a string of fairy lights and I may also be repeatedly stabbed in the eye with pine needles but I LOVE it!

Work Christmas Party/Office Party
If anything it makes excellent gossip for the return to work, who got blind drunk infront of the boss, who danced on the table and who ended up snogging who at the end of the night??? What’s an office party without a little scandal šŸ˜‰



Christmas markets
My friend and I have an annual trip to the German Christmas Markets in Edinburgh. We’ll start off with some ice skating then to heat is up we’ll head for a hot chocolate (I chose white chocolate and cranberry this year it was gorgeous) by then we’re usually hungry so well check out the roast hog, sausages, pretzels, not forgetting the cheeses after that we’ll look around the stalls picking up some extra little gifts or tree decorations until it’s an acceptable hour to have some alcohol when we’ll finally grab a mulled wine..or two…or three and miss the train home.. Oooops!



We still haven’t had any this winter and if I’m honest I hate the cold and I really don’t like driving in it but I do love watching snow falling or waking up and looking out to a perfect Christmas card scene.

Festive Food and Drink
Need I say more?


Christmas Jumpers

So these are cool now, right? Certainly wasn’t the case when I was young but I’m loving that everyone loves a chrimbo jumper these days.


Carol singers
Going to midnight mass at church with my sisters
Dinner at mums
Watching a Christmas movie
The most competitive games of Trivia Pursuit, Wii Bowling and Charades you’ll ever play

All my parent friends joke that they go to all this effort and near bankruptcy and Santa gets all the credit, but I know they will all be devastated when the truth comes out!!
I got to play Santa (for a minute) this year by sending a letter to my friends 5 year old son, explaining to him that he couldn’t have a flying bike for Christmas. …
Worryingly he excitedly told me a few days later that he actually seen a reindeer posting his letter through the letterbox and Santas sleigh flying away shortly after…I must have been having a bad hair day that day!



Christmas songs, Yes they are cheesy, cringe-worthy and excruciatingly annoying but no Christmas is complete without Mariah declaring all she wants for Christmas is Yoooooooooou!
My all time fave is Fairytale of New York.

Most important of all spending time with my nearest and dearest, yes, even the annoying uncle you’ve been avoiding all year ā¤

I wish all who celebrate, a wonderful Christmas time. ā¤

Angela xo

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