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F for Effort

The weather has been cold, wet and miserable, I attempted running outdoors but running in hail is not for me (my poor face) forcing me to run on the ‘dreadmill’
Still not a fan of the treadmill but I managed 4miles on Tuesday and 4.5miles on Wednesday. The longest I’ve lasted on a treadmill. Ever. I’ve found watching TV whilst running helps with the boredom, so I caught a few episodes of Big Bang Theory. LOVE IT!

All was going well, I had almost become a proper little gym bunny until .. I dislocated my shoulder on Wednesday night. In my sleep!!! (I have a bit of a dodgy shoulder, I’m ok)
I was forced into having some rest meaning no fitness classes and missing my Sunday Run. Surprisingly I really did miss it, yes really and to make matters worse, the sun came out and the rain stayed away making it a perfect day for an outdoor run. Gutted! I think I may finally have caught the running bug. So much so, that the Garmin Forerunner has made its way to the top of my Santa list. 10 sleeps!!!

It’s been a month since I signed up for the half marathon and started trying to run, if you read my first posts you’ll know I wasn’t too keen. I’ve surprised myself for even putting in the effort for a whole month, never mind growing to actually enjoy it.
Running has now officially surpassed every other attempt I’ve ever made at starting a new hobby.

Is it just me or is ‘hobby’ a funny word?

Apparently shopping, drinking wine, watching movies for the 100,000,000th time, surfing the web and general lounging around the house are not hobbies, who knew?
I workout and go to fitness classes but that’s more necessity than choice.. FYI the more you go the more wine and cake you can have!!

Here’s a few hobbies I’ve tried, tested and failed at..

Spinning – When the gym I go to opened 5 years ago I couldn’t wait to try spin classes, I really liked it, that’s all I done … for about 3 months until I found crossfit… Which I’ve also stopped doing!
I did coincidentally go to a spin class last week with a friend and enjoyed it, however I forgot how sore sitting down would be the next day. Ouch.


Tennis – I played tennis when I was younger. Wimbledon season you’ll find me at the tennis courts other than then I don’t have much interest in tennis anymore (okay, maybe a slight interest in Nadal’s six pack).


Yoga – I have honestly lost count how many times I’ve tried to get into Yoga. Every so often I’ll see a picture of someone doing an impressive handstand and think ‘ohhhh I’m going to go back to Yoga’ then the yoga teacher calls me a robot or I face plant the floor and I don’t go back… I think I’ll give it another go.


Ballroom Dancing – my work colleague and I love the TV show Strictly Come Dancing (yes we really are that sad) last year we found ourselves a ballroom dance class. After the class, which we really enjoyed we agreed to make our cha-cha-cha a weekly thing…it never happened again.


Dress-making/Sewing – A few years ago I asked for a sewing machine for Christmas with great intentions of doing some dressmaking. Kevin used it once. It’s pretty much just an ornament in the spare room now.

Hiking – I’ve accompanied Kevin on occasion but usually I’ll make excuses not to, he’s stopped asking now.

Baking – I had a 3 week spell where I loved baking I went out and bought all types of baking and cake decorating utensils then pretty much nothing. Luckily my sister took up baking shortly after so I still get regular cupcakes 😉


Skiing – I received a block of 5 ski lessons as a gift when a new ski centre opened not far from us. I loved it so much I bought my own ski gear… I’ve been skiing once since then. That was 4 years ago.

I’m sure there are more but I think I’ve admitted enough failure for one blog post.

What do you think?
A+ for trying and a big fat F for effort.

To add to the fact that my effort is pretty much zero (I’m lazy and I know it) I’ve noticed as I get older I’ve become more reluctant to try new things. Even that first run I went on, I had to be practically forced into it.
I am slowly becoming a right boring, old fart.. And I don’t like it!

Possible 2015 New Years resolution.. Make an effort to try new things, commit to new hobbies or go all out and become a ‘YES’ woman!
As the young and not so boring would say #YOLO

Have you ever tried, tested and failed at any hobbies?

Have you found something you love by trying something new?

Thanks for reading ❤ I hope you are having a great week!

Angela xo

3 thoughts on “F for Effort”

  1. I love that picture under yoga. That’s exactly how I feel. I used to really love yoga, but the teacher has a lot to do with it and I just haven’t found one here that I liked. It’s a really good recovery exercise from running but just so hard to fit in classes whenever you’re not inspired :(.

    My husband has gotten into baking and is buying things… I really hope it lasts because he’s spending some $$$ on this hobby!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I’m glad I’m not the only one, my friend did say finding a good teacher is the most important thing, so I think I’ll try a few different ones in the area!
      Wow, your husband is baking, I need to find a husband who bakes 😉 I hope he sticks at it even if just for all the treats you’ll get!! 🙂


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