The Sunday Run #4

Apologies, my attempts at posting this yesterday failed miserably.

I dislike the treadmill. FACT.
After being soaked to the bone on Mondays run I decided to try my luck with treadmill running for the rest of the week. I’m not a fan of the treadmill. I get bored very quickly, I hate the thumping of my feet (does anyone else sound like an elephant?) I also get paranoid as I have a tendency to forget where I am and start singing along to whatever motivational tune happens to be blasting in my ear. Major fail when said song happens to be one of the tracks from Now that’s what I Call Disney *cringe*

Monday I joined my sister for a run. I really enjoyed it… yes I really just said that!
It was raining the whole time but not too heavily, well, until the final half mile where there was a complete downpour that soaked me right through in about 3 minutes before going off again. I had intended going a bit further to push start pushing my distance but once my clothes were soaked I felt heavy and every move was a bit of a struggle so I just headed back to dry off and get a heat. My time and distance were not my best but I enjoyed it which made it a really satisfying run.


Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I opted for treadmill running over the being drenched and had hoped to progress my distance. However it’s a complete battle for me to spend any longer than 30 mins on a treadmill I just find it so mundane.
Each run was 30 mins running and 3.8miles.
I know treadmill running is different but it’s the first time I’ve managed to RUN a full 3 miles without a stop or a walk! Whoop whoop!


Sunday Run 4
Distance : 3.34miles
Time: 31.53 mins

Sunday it was raining yet again but I couldn’t face another treadmill session so I headed out. I didn’t do my usual Sunday run location as I though it might be either flooded or very muddy at the trail around the dam so I opted for some road running.
Again I was really enjoying the run, I’m noticing I don’t need to force myself as much or keep pushing myself. The last mile I felt a bit of pain in my knee which slowed me down, by then my face was starting to hurt with the wet and cold so I headed back.

Well I can officially run the full 3 miles now. GO ME!! I just need to get to work on that other 10…eek!

Next week I’m hoping to start pushing for longer runs although I’m hearing reports that our first snow might be on its way!

Thanks for reading ❤ I hope you had a fab weekend, have a great week!

Angela xo

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