The Sunday Run #3

This week, the lazy girl inside of me took control and before I knew it the week was almost over and I hadn’t done any excercise or training. At all. Fail

Saturday The guilt of neglecting the training (and the fear of the fast approaching Sunday Run) got the better of me.
So I headed out in the rain to a local park. It’s not somewhere I’ve been for a run before, the trail was at times very uneven and almost all uphill.
I have a list of excuses as to why this was NOT a good run. Here’s how it went down…or rather up..

My iPhone wouldn’t play my music. I NEED my tunes!!!
Map my Run app didn’t work properly.
I slid AND fell in an a mud/horse poo combo.
A very excited Labrador chased and jumped on me setting off my dog allergy.

I arrived home looking like what I imagine (if they were real) a swap creature to look like with a fat lip, swollen eye and covered in yuk. I should have taken a selfie. Fail.

Sunday Run: 3
Distance: 5km/3.1miles???
Time: 28mins 35secs


Oh my gosh, that first mile was the toughest mile I’ve done so far. I struggled to get my breath in the cold air, then my music stopped working..again!
I wasn’t feeling breathless, there was no stitch even my legs felt not too bad I just felt TIRED, really, really tired.
I wasn’t aware of the time but I felt like I was moving in slow motion.
On the last mile I genuinely thought Kevin would come along and lap me and I’d NEVER hear the end of that so I pushed myself to pick up speed and struggle on. In all honesty I’d given up on this run before I’d even started it.
The whole run was a complete struggle but I did only stopped once, right at the very end when my path was blocked by this guy..IMG_2032.JPG
If you’ve ever come in contact with swans you’ll know not to be fooled by the majestic, beauty they are freaking, crazy and I was far too tired to be chased. I stopped and tip-toed around hoping they wouldn’t spot me and go in for the kill!!!

At the end I was pleasantly surprised when I checked Map my Run, I genuinely felt like I was a lot slower than I had been, even on my very first run, the distance is slightly off (I do the same run every Sunday) so maybe there is something up with the app?!?
1min 11secs off last Sunday I’ll take that… considering!

I promise I’ll work hard next week!

I hope you’ve had a great weekend ❤ thanks for reading!

Angela xo

4 thoughts on “The Sunday Run #3”

  1. I always use MapMyRun and I’ve noticed that on trails it seems to be a bit off! Does pretty well on roads, but a few times I ran the same route and the distance would be off!

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