The Sunday Run #2

‘If there is no struggle, there is no progress’ – Fredrick Douglass

I had a bit of a hectic week at work, I know excuses, excuses!

Tuesday I had a spare half hour after work and decided to go the gym and hop on the treadmill.
It gets dark at 4pm at the moment, I live semi-rural and YES I am afraid of the dark.
I didn’t have time to speak to an instructor so I just used one of the pre-programmed 30min routines..

1 min walk
10min jog
2 mins faster pace
2 mins walking
12min jogging
2min faster pace
1min walk

For me treadmill running seems easier physically than outdoor running but more difficult mentally.
However the treadmills in my gym face slightly mirrored windows you can see everything that’s going on in the gym behind you which creates a bit of a distraction… Especially useful when you feel like pausing to have a cheeky break at the water dispenser but spy the reflection of an ex-boyfriend ‘hell no I’ll just keep running and hope he doesn’t notice me’ Awkward!

Thursday I went for a run with my sister, Cheryl who is also not a runner, she picked a short, flat 1.6 mile run to break her in gently. I managed to run the full 1.6miles with no stops and beat her back to her house confirming that sibling rivalry is for sure excellent motivation šŸ˜‰
I probably should have pushed her and myself to go further but if someone says its finishing time then I’ll finish!

Sunday Run: 2
Distance: 5km/3.1 miles
Time: 29mins 46secs


Kevin ran alongside me for the first half which forced me to keep going. I felt at times I would have stopped or slowed down if he hadn’t been there, instead I just moaned and complained but kept on running.
Halfway he ran off and I was on my lonesome.
I had a few walking breaks but not nearly as many as last week. I also had a few near misses by sliding in mud and/or wet leaves. I really, really, really miss the summer.
Instead of thinking about the side stitch, the ache in my calf muscles and the fact I was breathing out my ass, I imagined Kevin with the smug face waiting at the end tapping the damn watch.
It paid off. I freaking beat last weeks time by 5 mins… 5mins 35secs to be precise!

Kevin was waiting at the end and although he had been waiting for a good 10mins, there was no smug look, I got a ‘Well Done babe!’ AND a fist bump!!

I’m NO Mo Farah, heck, I still wouldn’t call myself a runner, and I’m still 10 miles off my half marathon distance but its progress and I’m a very happy ‘beginner’ runner!

I hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend ā¤

Angela xo

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