Square One

‘No matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch’

•Half Marathon Training has commenced

Run: 1
Distance: 5km/3.1miles
Time: 35mins 21secs


Sundays are Run-days!
The first mile was not too bad, my pace was OK, however after that mile mark I became progressively slower with each stride.
I stopped to a walk a few lot of times as I developed a side stitch (regulating breathing seems to be a huge problem for me) and also towards the end my calf muscles tightened and hurt.

I was chased for a bit by a rather aggressive looking Jack Russell Terrier and also overtaken by at least 3 other runners who could easily have been twice my age.
All I kept thinking was ‘what the F am I doing.. a 5k, a 10k at a push but no I go all out a sign up for a half marathon, what the F am I doing?’

To top it off, Kevin (the Mr) who had shot off like a bullet and been out of sight since the first half mile, was finished in half the time and was smugly, sitting on a bench waiting at the end tapping his watch as if to say ‘What took you?’. (I’m not a violent person but if I’d had the energy to I think I might have punched him).

Side note: I’m making it my mission in life to find something I’m actually better than him at, or even beat him at something once.. in the mean time I need to find a running buddy who isn’t over a foot taller or 100 times fitter than I am 😐

I have to admit I was pretty, disappointed with my effort, I knew I wasn’t the best runner but perhaps didn’t realise how bad!

I can only get better.. Right? Eeek


I’m planning 3 runs per week at the moment to see how it goes.
I’ll use my Sunday run to record my progress(if any) so come back if you are interested to see how it goes!

Any other newbie runners out there?

Angela xo

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