The Champagne Run

‘Burgandy makes you think of silly things,
Bordeaux makes you talk of them,
Champagne makes you do them’
Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

During a champagne-fuelled chat with my sister I somehow agreed to participate in running a half marathon.. Because I have this thing where I genuinely believe that I can do ANYTHING when full of Veuve Cliquot, history has shown this usually ends in disaster.

In my current fully sober state, I realise it wasn’t my best decision.
I can’t run.
Nonetheless, I am determined to take on the challenge, my current mantra is to say ‘YES’, to do things outside the comfort zone which means anything that’s not onesie wearing and/or eating ice-cream.
I guess if I was a little younger I’d call it YOLO!

I am scared terrified, all I can visualise at the moment is me lying in a heap 3 miles in being trampled by runners. Which is highly unlikely, as I doubt anyone would be behind me to run over me in the first place!

Did I mention that I can’t run?

Very occasionally I’ll go for a leisurely jog and when I say leisurely I mean my pace is a million miles from a competitive pace and I’m practically breathing out my ass after the first mile.
I’ve tried running with the boyfriend, but this tends to end up with him running off at a sprinters pace and me complaining that I only have little legs (FYI that’s not an excuse I really do only have little legs!)

As much as I want to be one of those elegant runners with amazing butts and thighs that you see on the front of fitness magazines. I’m afraid mid-run I look more like a cross between Phoebe Buffey (let’s take a moment to appreciate how good Friends was) and an overstuffed, sweaty tomato.. enjoyment is never a factor!

I hope that blogging my progress (that is in the hope that I do actually progress) will help motivate me to keep on track with training.

15th March 2015 here I come!

Feel free to leave a comment… I need all the help I can get!

Angela xo

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